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Jonathan Pryke

Jonathan Pryke is senior minister at Jesmond Parish Church (JPC), Newcastle upon Tyne in the northeast of England, where he has been for thirty years, working with David Holloway, the vicar of Jesmond. He studied at Trinity College, Cambridge University, and Trinity Theological College in Bristol before ordination in the Church of England. He is married to Vivienne, and they have a son, twin daughters, and a one-year-old grandson. JPC has been in ‘impaired communion’ with the bishop of Newcastle for more than twenty years. It has planted two other Anglican churches nearby, outside the central structures of the Church of England. Their three churches together have Sunday attendances of over a thousand. In 2017 Jonathan was consecrated as a bishop through REACH-SA (the Church of England in South Africa). He is on the national executive team of the Anglican Mission in England, a network of Anglican churches inside and outside the Church of England structures, committed to Anglican church planting. See



Leading Strategically Within a Mainline Congregation

Many of the historic European mainline Reformed denominations have become deeply affected by revisionist liberalism in theology and practice. How is it possible to stay faithful to the Scriptures and to the biblical, apostolic faith while remaining in local church leadership within one of these denominations? Is there hope for change? This workshop will explore strategies that are positive alternatives to abandoning the denomination on the one hand, or capitulating to the influence of liberalism on the other hand. This will be with particular reference to the situation in the Church of England, but the principles will be relevant in parallel circumstances elsewhere in Europe.


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