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John Lenton

John Lenton is currently in his third career as the Minister of a country parish in Hampshire, England.  John was instrumental in helping to launch, in 1998, the Griffiths School of Management at Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania, an evangelical Christian university accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education.  Until 2010, he was for a number of years the coordinator of the Leaders of Christian Organizations Network at the European Leadership Forum.  Prior to moving to Romania in 1998, John was a Senior Vice President at American Express Europe, where he occupied a number of senior positions over a period of 15 years with the company, taking early retirement at the end of 1996 in order to devote himself full-time to Christian service. John holds an MA from Oxford and an MBA from Harvard and is an ordained minister in the Church of England, having studied full time at Oak Hill Theological College shortly before moving to Romania.



How to Accomplish What You Want to Do: Time Management

For most of us, time is our most precious resource. We hoard it, guard it, give it away only with great reluctance… Why? Because we constantly feel under pressure from the list of things we have to do and the lack of time to do them. But things don’t have to be this way. If we could learn to manage our time better – or more accurately, if we could manage ourselves and our plans more effectively – then we could very likely find it possible to accomplish the things we needed to do, or at the least, the really important ones in the time we have available to do them. In this workshop, John Lenton will describe a number of straightforward techniques for doing exactly that – and in the process, reducing our stress and improving our productivity.


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