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John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick has been the pastor in Portrush Presbyterian Church for the last 21 years. This church is situated on the North Coast of Ireland very close to the famous world heritage site, 'Giants Causeway.’ John is the director of the apologetics course Reality316 aimed at equipping a wide range of people to be relevant apologists. For a number of years he served as Chairman of New Horizon, a well-known Christian conference in Ireland and has been a chaplain to the Motorcycle Racing community, quite unique to the Irish culture. John is married to Joan and they have four children, three of whom are now married.




The Socratic Shepherd

How can we best help others to open up and share their hearts in such a manner that we really address the deeper issue, not just what is presented on the surface? Jesus, the perfect pastor and shepherd, modelled this best. By developing a simple capacity to listen and to ask helpful questions, we may be able to transform the ordinary meeting into one of significance. If you have this desire, this workshop aims to help you do that. It is hoped that this one workshop might be the beginning of a whole new chapter for you.


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