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Jen Charteris

Jen Charteris, originally from South Africa, is Executive Director of Crosslands Training, which provides in-context theological training up to Masters’ level across the UK, Europe and the 10:40 window.  Previously she spent over 25 years working in strategic change, organisational consulting, board and leadership development.  She has been a senior advisor on major change programmes in government, defence, infrastructure and financial services, taught on various MBA programmes and at the UK Military’s Defence Academy, worked internationally with the leaders of Christian ministry organisations, and has many years of board experience.  She is married to Hugo, a church pastor and planter in the north of England, and they have two adult children.



How to Build Resilience

Remembering that God’s power ‘is made perfect in weakness’, this session will explore the nature of resilience, critically examine secular research and approaches to resilience, and help you apply biblical thinking in developing your own resilience and helping those you lead.


How to Lead Partnerships

As members of Christ’s body, Christians are called to collaborate, yet working in partnership with other churches or ministries can be difficult and painful.  This practical workshop will take you through a simple framework for thinking through some of the most important questions when setting up a partnership. It will help you figure out how to move things forward when a partnership arrangement is struggling.


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