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Jelena Sivulka

Jelena Sivulka was born and raised in Serbia, where she got her master’s degree in psychology and in theology.  She became a Christian 25 years ago and a few years later got involved in ministry with her husband Greg, planting churches, distributing humanitarian aid, and partnering with Joni and Friends, serving people with disabilities.  Jelena has also worked as a counsellor in Serbia’s schools and a social worker, and she is currently working as therapist in a medical clinic. She is the Founder and Director of the non-profit organisation Hana's Hope. She has been blessed with three children: Benjamin, Sara, and Hana, who has autism.



Pre-Forum Seminar

Women's Pre-Forum Seminar: Preparing Our Hearts and Minds
with Margunn Serigstad Dahle

We live terribly busy lives. Coming to the Forum can be a great break from many of our everyday responsibilities, but we can be surprised to find ourselves even busier than we are at home. Many of us arrive exhausted, overworked, and worried about the things we have left undone. How do we avoid neglecting the opportunities to learn what God wants to teach us? Where can we find refreshment for our souls? How can we build relationships with other women at the Forum to mutually encourage and support each other? All women are invited to arrive early for this highly interactive Pre-Forum Seminar to get to know one another, quiet our hearts and minds, discuss common challenges, and pray in order to prepare for what God has planned for us at the Forum and beyond.



Soul Care of a Leader

Over the years of ministry, we have all witnessed strong leaders whose souls have gone untended. Anxiety, burnout, depression, and anger are some of the symptoms of a neglected soul. How can we help a hurting soul? What are some of the practical steps to help our streams of life stay clean, alive, and healthy? Only a rested, well cared for soul has the capacity to empathize and understand profoundly, to ask questions, and not simply go through the motions of faith.


4 Lessons I Have Learned to Endure Pain and Suffering

That cold winter day, I prayed, and prayed, but inside I was not praying, I was screaming. Heal her! You can. You did it before; do it again. Throw some crumbs my way. Nothing! Facing pain, sorrow, despair, we eventually start questioning everything. For Naomi, pain led her to lose her identity; for Job, it was the loss of wealth, respect, and the desire to live; for Jeremiah it was the loss of a future, friends, and joy. What happens to our faith when we face pain, suffering, and unanswered prayers? How does pain shape our identity? Can we continue seeing God as a good and loving Father when life hurts? Join Jelena on this journey to deeper understanding of maturity and the reasons to believe through the crucible of suffering.


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