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Jay Smith

Jay Smith has been working with Muslims for over 37 years, including 25 in London, England. Most of his time he spends travelling to numerous countries to teach Christian/Muslim apologetics and polemics, much of which he has learned from weekly forays to the world famous Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London. He has participated in over 80 dialogues and debates with Muslim polemicists. He is a visiting lecturer for the Oakhill College in London, the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and the Wycliffe Hall, also in Oxford. Since 2001, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), as well as the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) have used him to teach Islamics in the US and Europe. Jay has master’s degrees in divinity and Islamics, and a Phd in Christian/Muslim apologetics/polemics from the Melbourne School of Theology, Australia. He previously served as the international director for the Pfander Centre for Apologetics in London.




 The10 Most Common Questions Posed by Muslims and How to Respond

Muslims are notorious for questioning the validity of our Bible and the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jay will choose 10 of their most popular questions concerning these two themes and show you how you can answer every one of them in 5 minutes, while simultaneously introducing the Gospel through them.


Exposing the 12 Most Common Erroneous Arguments That Muslims Make Against Christianity

Muslims love to confront what we believe, while most Christians find themselves incapable of responding to these challenges. Jay will employ his 35+ years of experience to show you how to identify the errors in their arguments (i.e. their 'Logical Fallacies'), and then demonstrate how to introduce the Gospel through them.


Post-Forum Seminar

The Truth Behind the Emergence of Islam

So much of what we have been told concerning how Islam actually began is proving, through historical research, to be quite false. Jay will introduce some of the newest and most exciting research in what is proving to be one of Islam's greatest weaknesses, which will, he believes, prove to be the undoing of Islam's historical credibility, and its 'Achilles Heel'.


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