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Hans Kristian Skaar

Hans Kristian Skaar has been involved in youth ministry for 25 years as a volunteer, a youth minister, a teacher, a youth ministry consultant, and for the last eight years as director of Norwegian Lutheran Mission Youth. He lives in a small town outside of Oslo. His biggest passions are football, youth ministry, and mission, and in recent years, he has been launching new youth groups in areas without Christian youth work.





Very Cool but Not Too Cool: What to Expect from a Youth Leader

Youth workers often describe their job as undefined. When Hans Kristian Skaar started his career as a volunteer youth leader at the age of 16, he received no job description, and the only training he got was the previous leader saying, “Good luck, I will be praying for you.” But he soon realized there were a lot of expectations, some of which he was not aware of until he failed to meet them. Research shows that undefined goals, undefined expectations, and a weak job description are major reasons for burnout among youth workers. How can we help the next generation of youth leader gain a clearer picture of what is expected of them? To help answer this question, Skaar interviewed 100 youth leaders. He will share what he has learned about the following questions and more: What do people expect from a youth leader? What is special about youth ministry leadership compared to other leadership roles? What are a youth leader's most important tasks? How can a youth leader avoid discouragement and burn-out?



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