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Fabian Grassl

Fabian F. Grassl has studied theology and philosophy in the United States, Northern Ireland, and Liechtenstein, where he is currently research fellow at the International Academy of Philosophy ( His doctoral dissertation on Helmut Thielicke is about to be published by Pickwick under the title In the Face of Death: Thielicke – Theologian, Preacher, Boundary Rider. Fabian is passionate about Christlike disciples being able to give a rational account of the Gospel. Happily married to Anja, they have been blessed with three wee girls and live on the Bavarian side of Lake Constance.



In God's Name? Witch-Hunts, Crusades, and Inquisitions: A Church Historical Apologetic

Hundreds of thousands of witches burned at the stake? Crusaders wading ankle-deep through streets of blood? Torture, dread, and death in the wake of the Inquisition? Popular accounts provide us with a shocking picture of Christianity’s history, and the argument from past failures is a favorite one employed by critics. In this session, we will have a closer look at three specific atrocities typically blamed on the church: 1) Witch-hunts; 2) the Crusades; and 3) the Inquisition. Subjecting these phenomena and the way in which they are usually presented to sober scrutiny, we will not only discover how much truth there actually is to some prevalent charges levelled against the historical impact of the Christian faith, but also learn more about God’s transformative power throughout history by transforming… us.


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