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Evi Rodemann

Evi Rodemann has been involved in creating and organising events for young people and churches locally, nationally, and on the European level since she was a teenager. Events have always played a vital part in her own walk with God, but she has also seen how they bring Christians together and mobilise them for a missional lifestyle. As well as receiving training in event management, Evi also earned an MA in European mission with a focus on the impact of conferences. She studied missions in the Netherlands and has worked in India, Africa, and Hong Kong, but her strongest passion remains Europe and helping its young people to find their kingdom role and live missionally wherever God has called them. Until 2016 she directed Mission-Net for nine years and organized four European youth mission congresses. In addition to being engaged in various European networks such as Lausanne and the European Youth Ministry Network, Evi also works part-time in a German aluminium company.



How Do You Create an Event with Impact?

Thousands of euros are spent every year on events and conferences organised by churches and para-church organisations. We all are convinced that our organised events are necessary and helpful, but we often fail to analyse the results to see if our goals and objectives have been met in both the long and short term. Only recently have the first studies of events’ long-term impact been undertaken worldwide. There are tools that we can use to evaluate spiritual and cognitive progress, as well as measure some behavioral impact. This workshop can help you find answers to the following questions:

  • What do I need to run an event with impact for the future?
  • What tools can I use to measure the impact of my event?
  • What steps can I take before running an event that will help me evaluate it afterwards?
  • To ensure my event's long-lasting impact, what objectives should I set and what post-event resources could I make available to enhance learning?


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