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Ed Doepel

Ed Doepel has served as a pastor for thirty-eight years. He has planted four churches and has led churches from eight people to three thousand in membership. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm where he served as a Chaplain in the US Army, planting two churches in the Persian Gulf region. He is the founder of Lap 7, an organisation that coordinates multiple churches in a co-op, worshipping out of the same building and performing collateral ministries in a coordinated effort to further the Kingdom of God. He and his wife are residents of suburban Chicago.




Surviving the Spiritual Battle of Ministry

Have you ever had those times when you wanted to quit?  Have you hit those long, dark valleys where you wonder if you can keep going on?  Every year, thousands of church workers resign from the ministry because the spiritual battlefield is so terribly difficult.  The speaker of this workshop understands.  In Ed’s fifty years of ministry, including thirty-seven years in pastoral ministry, he has been betrayed by his closest friends, slandered in the public square, rejected, criticized, and asked to resign.  There have been numerous occasions he just wanted to throw up his hands and quit.  But through it all, God has given him the strength to carry on in HIS work, and Ed has learned some very valuable lessons on not just surviving the spiritual battlefield, but thriving.  He will share with you what he has learned that can bring you true joy, peace, and fulfillment in your ministry in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances.




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