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Driton Krasniqi

Driton Krasniqi has served in the position of the president of the Kosovo Evangelical Alliance (KPEC) from 2011-2017. He obtained a degree in Biblical Studies from the International Bible Training Institute (UK) and a Master of Theology (MTh) from the University of Wales in Bangor, where he wrote his dissertation on the history of Protestantism in Kosovo since the 18th century. Krasniqi served as pastor of the Fellowship of the Lord’s People Church in Prishtina, Kosova from 1997 to 2007. He has been in leadership or advisory roles for several charities, including the Kosovar-Finnish partnership House of Hope Foundation, the international NGO World Vision, and the Kosova Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF). In addition, as a representative of the Kosova Protestant church, he has made significant contributions to peacemaking and inter-faith dialogue within the religious spectrum of Kosovo. He is a DMin candidate with the School of Antioch in Iowa, USA.



The Reformation's Impact on Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, Protestant Reformers faced opposition not only from the established Roman Catholic Church, but also from Eastern Orthodoxy and the Islamic Ottoman Empire. In this talk, Driton Krasniqi gives examples of how Reformation theology took hold and what impact it had on different countries across Eastern Europe.


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