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Dave Patty

Dave Patty has been involved in training youth leaders and leading national and international youth movements in Europe for over 30 years and serves as the president of Josiah Venture.  He is also a founding member of Global Youth Initiative, which mobilises and equips youth ministry trainers in over 40 countries of the world.  Dave is an ordained pastor with a BA in Theology and a MA in Education.  He has also done graduate work in Leadership Development at Harvard University.  For the past 21 years he has lived in the Czech Republic, and spent the 10 years before that in Germany.  Dave is married to Connie, and has three children, Tyler, Caleb, and Claire.



Pre-Forum Seminar

Family on Mission
with Connie, PattyTyler Patty and Claire Patty

Fast-forward your life to the point when you are 80 and looking back at your accomplishments. How will you feel if you see hundreds of ministry activities and a broken family? Will ministry accomplishments make up for an empty marriage and kids who are estranged and far from God? Perhaps you should leave the ministry and just concentrate on your family? But would this really be the best for your family? In the Bible we see a Trinity that is “Family on mission”, maintaining unbelievable relational connection while engaging together in God’s rescue mission. Could this be true of your family as well? Dave Patty was born in the Philippines to missionary parents, grew up in a family on mission, and now has grown children who are serving God together with he and his wife. Dave and Connie, with two of their children, Tyler and Claire will lead this seminar together, sharing insights and experiences from family on mission. This seminar will cover:

  1. The great dichotomy and how you can avoid it
  2. Three models of family and how they express themselves in ministry
  3. Seven habits of family on mission
  4. Four thieves of family on mission
  5. Recent results from an in-depth survey of children and parents in ministry in Central and Eastern Europe – with practical tips from real families.
  6. Family on mission from the perspective of wives and children.
  7. Effective prayer for your family Your insights, experiences and questions will also enrich our time together.

This will be a unique opportunity for you to prepare now for the look backward that brings you joy and satisfaction as you see a fruitful life that blessed your family.




Parenting Teenagers

The changes your children go through in their adolescent years are so profound that you may wonder where your son or daughter went to, and who are these strangers living in your house! Many parents lose their relationship with their kids during the teenage years, as rebellion and peers take them in unexpected directions. On the other hand, if you know how to change your parenting approach to match the particular needs of your teenagers, these years can be your very best. How does parenting need to change during the teenage years? What are the dangers, and opportunities? What strategies are most effective – and which ones don’t work at all? Drawing off over 30 years of working with teenagers and their parents, Dave will give you key insights and tools for these crucial years.

Spiritual Warfare 101

Five hundred years before Christ, the great Chinese General Sun-tzu wrote these words, in his book The Art of War. "One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat. One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement." Unfortunately, there is much confusion today in the area of spiritual warfare. Are Satan and his demons behind everything, or so irrelevant they should be ignored? Is the battle in me, or around me? Should I respond to every attack in the same way? In this seminar Dave will give you a broad Biblical map for understanding spiritual warfare, showing the nature of our three main enemies, how to effectively fight each one of them, and the three levels of warfare with the forces of Satan. This Biblical foundation will help keep you oriented as you experience attacks and proactively engage the enemy.

Finding the Will of God

Does God have a will for your life, or does he just want you to love him and use your own wisdom in decisions? If he does have a will, what will happen if you miss it? In discerning God’s will, should you pray and listen, ask lots of advice, or just use common sense? The Bible gives clear answers to all these questions – answers that we need both for ourselves and for those we lead. In this seminar Dave will unpack five ways the Bible teaches us to discover God’s will, and show how God plans and reveals his plan for our lives.



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