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Daryl McCarthy

Daryl McCarthy serves as Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategy with the Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL). Besides leading the ELF Academic Network, he also directs the Cambridge Scholars Network. Daryl has traveled to more than 55 nations, speaking at universities, conferences, and churches. In 1988 he helped launch Global Scholars and served as CEO/President until 2014. Earlier, he taught for several years at Kansas Christian College.  Daryl earned a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary, as well as graduate degrees from Nazarene Theological Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Daryl and his wife Dr. Teri McCarthy lived in Lithuania from 2010 to 2015, where they taught at Lithuania University of Educational Sciences in Vilnius. They have a son and daughter who are both married and they have five grandchildren.



Christian Classics - Great Books for Knowing and Serving God

What we read shapes our thinking and ultimately our lives. One of the most overlooked aspects of Christian leadership is attention to what we are reading. What you are reading is a good indicator of your spiritual health. In this workshop, we will share some of the great Christian classics—biographies, history, literature, personal development, global issues—that we have read and love—books that have shaped our lives and that could change your life as well. Reading these Christian classics will take you deeper with God and make you a more effective leader.


Raising Funds with Jesus: 8 Keys to Successful Fundraising for Your Ministry

After 40 years of raising funds and raising support for ministry, Daryl will share principles, attitudes, and practices which help the Christian worker to embrace fundraising as a blessing. He will share proven practices that will help you learn how to communicate clearly, how to identify potential supporters, how to write support letters, and how to express gratitude for support. You can be a blessing to those who are supporting your ministry.


We Minister in Our Weakness

Many pastors and ministry leaders try to avoid any appearance of weakness. Yet most leaders harbor a deep sense of inadequacy. What are we as leaders supposed to do with our weaknesses? Can we ever get rid of these feelings? What can we learn from our weaknesses? This message will give Christian leaders perspective and provide encouragement for the long haul.


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