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Dan Zink

Dan Zink joined the full-time faculty of Covenant Theological Seminary in 1995 after serving for five years as Director of Student Services and adjunct professor in practical theology, and for 11 years as a family counsellor, case-worker, and supervisor of public children’s services. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Zink was the founding director and five-year head of New Hope Counseling Services, a ministry of Chesterfield Presbyterian Church (PCA). He has had a private counselling practice for over twenty-five years, focusing on marriage, family, men’s, and leadership issues. He has also been involved in the Christian education programs of four churches and served as assistant pastor at New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. His doctoral research focused on the enduring marriages of adult children of divorce. Dr. Zink and his wife, Carolanne, have two adult daughters, Laurianne and Bethanne.



Pre-Forum Seminar

Preparing Couples for Marriage: Re-Working the Pre-Marital Counselling Process

Pre-marital counselling often involves more teaching about marriage than helping couples position themselves to do marriage well and grow together and individually in the process. This seminar will present a pre-marital counselling process that assists the spouses-to-be to assess their relationship patterns and plan for future growth together. Also presented will be ways to help couples create a vision for their marriage that enables them to be more about “we” and more about their mission in life as a couple.




To Divorce or Not to Divorce? Help Us Decide

This workshop will present a “moral consultation” process to use with couples. We will then apply this process to the difficult discussions of couples who are considering terminating their marriage. This process will include helping couples clarify for themselves their own values and evaluate the consequences their decisions would have on other people including spouses, children, extended family, friends, and their church. This process is aimed at helping the individual spouses think beyond his or her own pain in order to carefully consider his or her responsibility for the impact on others of his or her choices.


Helping Couples Grow Through Conflict​

Conflict need not be feared but can be seen as an opportunity for refining the marriage relationship. Many couples view conflict as an enemy because they mistake the disconnection they feel in difficult moments as the only product of the conflict. Avoiding disconnection is not the priority; repairing the inevitable breaks in any relationship is the most important goal. Growth in connection can be the ultimate product of conflict when it is used well in service of the marriage relationship. In this seminar, we will explore proven ways to help couples transform conflict into a process that nurtures the relationship.


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