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Dan Patterson

Daniel R. Patterson lectures in theology and ethics at St. Trivelius Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is an adjunct researcher at Sheridan College in Perth, Australia. He recently completed a PhD in theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Brian Brock and Stanley Hauerwas. His research interests include gender, sexuality, and the body, particularly where theology and the gender theory of Judith Butler intersect. Dan and his wife, Katie, live with their two daughters in Bulgaria. He blogs at




Understanding and Evaluating Queer Theory

What is queer theory? Where did it come from? Why was it formulated? In this session, we will investigate queer theory and explore the impact it is having on this moment in time. We will see that despite appearances, the current questioning of gender is not a new phenomenon, but is the fruit of a theory that has been growing steadily for over three decades. This session is concerned with helping Christians to understand the context into which we seek to proclaim the gospel. By understanding better how queer theory is shaping our world, we will be better equipped to speak truth into it.


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