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Chris Buttenshaw

Chris Buttenshaw serves as Deputy Director of Public Affairs for CARE (Christian Action Research & Education), a leading Christian social policy engaging in the UK parliaments and assemblies on issues related to human dignity, the family, bioethics, and political engagement. Chris has helped to coordinate the European Politics and Society Network for the past three years and has a particular passion for helping Christians grapple with end of life issues, including euthanasia and palliative care. Chris lives in London with his wife, Anna. They have been married for five years and have three daughters.



Euthanasia: Making the Case for Caring, Not Killing

Across Europe and beyond, care for those who are dying and the debate on euthanasia in its many forms is on the political and cultural agenda – in truth, as it always has been. As Christians, any discussion about suffering, life and death must be framed in the context of faith in a sovereign God whose love and attention does not waver according to our circumstances and whose ways are beyond our understanding. This session will cover: 1) What the Bible has to say about these debates; 2) How to apply that truth in engaging with our culture; 3) What happens when laws on euthanasia are changed; and 4) How we respond effectively and strategically.


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