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Charles White

Charles White is Professor of Christian Thought and History at Spring Arbor University in Michigan, USA.  Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston universities have contributed to his education.  In the 1970s he was minister to students at Boston’s Park Street Church.  He has written two books and a score of academic articles.  Bible translation is one of his passions, and he has worked on twenty-five of the twenty-seven New Testament books in seven different languages.  He has taught environmentalists in Michigan, physicians in Mexico, pastors in Canada, university students in England, Bible college students in Australia, Muslims in Nigeria, evangelists in India, missionaries in the Philippines and Rwanda, church planters in Iraq, ministers in Jordan, and disciplers in Ethiopia.  He is the father of four grown children and has run more than 86,000 kilometers since he turned 40.



How Developments in 20th Century Mathematics Show That Materialism Is Wrong

One of the most important developments in 20th century mathematics is Kurt Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. It shows that there will always be true mathematical statements that no system will be able prove. Since all computers “think” by using mathematical systems, there are some problems that people can solve that even an infinite computer cannot. Because peoples’ minds can do things computers cannot do, and because minds are immaterial, materialism, which says that nothing immaterial exists, is wrong.



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