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Bruce Little

Bruce A. Little has master’s degrees in Apologetics and Religion and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion and a DMin in Apologetics. Presently, he serves as Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and director of the Francis A. Schaeffer Collection at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he served on faculty since 2001 until he retired in 2018. While at Southeastern he served as the second director of the L. Rush Bush Center for Faith and Culture from 2008 to 2013. From 1969 pastored several churches, three of which he helped start, and taught at a Bible college (1965-2000). Since 1995 he has travelled widely to several continents lecturing in universities, teaching in a variety of schools and presenting papers at international conferences. He has published in various professional journals, edited several books, either authored or co-authored six books and contributed chapters in several books the last being God and Evil published by InterVarsity Press, 2013.



That the World Might Know: God's People Are the Greatest Apologetics

This workshop focuses on the critical role of the life of the church in the work of apologetics. Jacques Ellul said: “The first Christians gained converts not because their arguments were better than those of the pagans but because people saw in them and their communities something good and beautiful – and they wanted it. This led them to the TRUTH.” The life of the church, when lived according to its calling through its culture-making, raises questions from the non-believer about the Faith. If we look at several of the early apologists such as Athenagoras (2nd century), we see how their defense was drawn forth by how Christians lived, which was a counter-culture life based on their beliefs grounded in Christ. The intent of this workshop is to suggest a model with general details for developing a counter-cultural Christian community life that incarnates Truth through proper culture-making. This would give the post Christian a visual of a redeemed community. This incarnation of the Truth provides both a critique of the post-Christian culture as well as a confirmation of the Truth of the gospel.



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