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Bobb Biehl

Bobb Biehl is an executive mentor. His clients are primarily large or fast-growing churches, non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and government agencies. Bobb is a proven ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader, mentoring and bringing strength up under the platform of ‘up-front leaders’. He consistently brings “practical wisdom to leadership.” The result is leadership clarity and confidence.




Leader Profile: Understanding Clearly

To understand yourself as a leader, and to understand all those you lead, it is helpful to understand four very basic insights.  First, your single greatest strength.  Second, your leadership orientation to goals, problems, or opportunities. Third, your leadership style – are you a Coach or a Surgeon?  Fourth, it is also helpful to understand your Team Profile – both its phase and its level.  This session covers all four of these topics.


FOCL Talk #1: Balance - Personal and Professional

Balance is a result of one word: schedule. Typically, you determine your own schedule. Therefore, you schedule your own balance/imbalance. Plan basic balance into your life by scheduling many of the really important things into your life a year in advance (family vacations, personal retreats, time with parents, etc.). At this point in your life, it may be the only way to achieve any semblance of balance!

FOCL Talk #2: Analyzing Any Situation

With a checklist you can quickly do a comprehensive assessment of any situation very rapidly, evaluating the primary variables. An example of a proven checklist would be a flight checklist, checking off every key variable before a flight takes off.  Every time you use a checklist it can get better and better as you add an experience point here and a point there. A checklist lets you go faster and faster, and it is more and more comprehensive helping you in making wiser and wiser decisions!


Book Evangelism: Sharing Our Faith with 100% Confidence

Would you like to be able to teach your team, and all of your disciples, to share their faith with 100% confidence 100% of the time?  With “Book Evangelism” you can.  As Dr. John Lennox said in his ELF plenary session two years ago, “Heaven and Hell are real places”.  If you have been praying about a fresh way of sharing your faith and teaching those you lead to do the same, this session may be the answer to your prayer.


Pre-Forum Seminar

Organisational Development: Growing as a Servant Leader

Would you benefit from spending 4 hours with a consultant with experience in helping over 500 organizations / 5,000 individuals grow toward their full ORGANISATIONAL potential? This session allows you a once in a life time opportunity: Learning how to use Bobb Biehl’s most proven ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT tools; Listening to his actual experiences with some of the finest organizations of our generation; and being able to ask Bobb’s perspective on your most pressing / perplexing ORGANISATIONAL questions. A session like this is one of the most effective ways you—a growing servant leader of any age or experience level—can GROW!


Post-Forum Seminar

Personal Development: Growing as a Servant Leader

You have but one life, twill soon be past; only what is done for Christ will last. Jesus said, “He who would be the greatest of all would be the servant of all,” in Matthew 20:26. Your work is eternally significant. There are NO perfect “servant leaders” – everyone is struggling with something. This session is designed to help you grow as a servant leader by focusing yourself, balancing yourself, and developing yourself.


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