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Bernd Winkelstraeter

Bernd Winkelstraeter is a professional consultant, trainer, and coach living in Germany. After 29 years working as international computer technology expert in R&D, he switched to study work and organizational psychology. With this unique combination, he supports organizations to cope with all the change and increased uncertainty of the digital age. In 2011, Bernd founded vision2inspire, a Christian startup incubator for charitable projects. He is a coach for Natural Church Development, a church growth concept applied around the world. Bernd is member of an International Baptist Church (IBC), and over almost four decades, he has volunteered in various leadership roles in church. Bernd is trained in Christian counseling and holds an M.A. in work and organizational psychology and a German M.Sc. equivalent in computer science.



Agile Church? Survival Skills for Christian Organisations in the 21st Century

The digital age brings frequent changes and disruptions, severely increasing uncertainty. In the commercial world, many companies realize that their structures, leadership, and culture can’t cope with such complexity. They pursue an “agile transformation”, radically focusing on their customer’s rapidly changing needs. In contrast, churches and Christian organizations often rely on proven approaches from the past, risking to fall behind in a rapidly changing world. In this workshop, we look at properties of agile organizations and discuss how churches and Christian organizations could apply these to be ready for the future.


What If the Quality of Your Church Could Be Measured?

There are many views on what makes churches grow. Natural Church Development (NCD) has identified eight universal quality factors that distinguish growing churches from shrinking ones. But NCD is no “easy fix”, it is like an ongoing fitness program. As you can’t force a flower to grow but only nurture it, churches have to improve their quality to unleash more “all by itself” growth.


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