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Anne Solfrid Brennhovd

Anne Solfrid Brennhovd is the editor of the Norwegian website (Talk About Faith) and a speaker and writer for Damaris Norway. She has been with the Damaris Norway team since 2001, and she serves as a part-time teacher at Fjelltun Bible School in Stavanger. is a website serving a wide range of teachers, youth leaders, pastors, parents and young people, providing resources for engaging in popular culture and apologetics. 



Hope and Longings in TV Shows for Children

TV shows play a significant role in childhood, and children become emotionally attached to their favourite shows. They relate to the characters, whether they are pink ponies, sparkling elves, or six-year-old superheroes. Thus these stories are vital to the children’s worldview formation. Many of these fictional stories deal with our longings and need for hope. How, then, can we help the children to identify how and where their favourite characters search for hope? And how can we use these stories to talk about our own longings and need for hope – and what The Great Story of the Bible tells us about where hope is ultimately found? Examples from My Little Pony, Mia and Me, and The Rocketeer will be used throughout the workshop in order to illustrate typical messages in TV shows for children and how to identify and respond to them.






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