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Ann Brown

Ann Brown is a geographer and taught geography for many years. She also has an advanced diploma in the history of art. She has an interest in the reception history of the Bible, especially in the way that the themes that it generates lend themselves to apologetic and evangelistic engagement. She is author of Apology to Women: Christian images of the female sex. Currently she is working on a book on the environment.




Mary Magdalene's Chequered History in Art and Cinema

Mary Magdalene has long been a fruitful source of inspiration to artists and filmmakers. Many of our contemporaries are more familiar with these portrayals than they are with the Biblical woman, so it is important to understand and evaluate some of the misconceptions surrounding her. Over the centuries, her image has been repeatedly reworked to fit the times. This session attempts to trace this complex history. Her influence remains pervasive and enduring. Just last year a film starring Rooney Mara in the lead role added another twist to the tale. Her story is one of makeovers and mistaken identity. We attempt to put the record straight and call into question the Magdalene’s dubious reputation, as has been done from the sixteenth century onwards by the Reformers and others.


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