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Ann Blaser

Ann Pritchard Blaser has led women through Bible Study Fellowship International for thirty years, teaching Scripture classes for women and training leadership groups. Her work now consists of mentoring and advising other women who are teaching and training leaders in Bible Study Fellowship. She is responsible for visiting classes and observing the training and teaching taking place and for giving encouragement and shepherding to the teachers. She is involved in her church through discipling, teaching, and writing training materials. Ann is married to Bill, and they have two children and two grandsons.




Voice Recognition: How Can You Have the Assurance of Direction in Ministry?

We have all answered our phone and recognised the voice of the person on the other end.  That kind of voice recognition is usually the result of frequent phone contact.  When have you sought God for direction in ministry and not recognised His voice in response?  One of the blessings that God offers every believer is the opportunity to walk and talk with Him.  What helps Christians in ministry to have a Holy Spirit-led confidence in order to move forward with clarity of vision?


The Longing for a Thirst for God

How long has it been since you recognized a desire to pray as Moses did, “LORD show me your glory”? Has your quiet time seemed wooden and stiff instead of filled with holy desire? Are you asking God to give you the joy of the early days of your salvation? In this workshop we will consider how we can develop a thirst in us that only He can quench.


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