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Andrew Fellows

Andrew Fellows was appointed pastor of a church in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1988 and served there for seven years.  In 1995 his family moved to the English branch of L’Abri Fellowship, where they lived and worked for 21 years.  From 2011 to 2016 Andrew was the chairman of L’Abri international.  He is now based in Cambridge as the director of Christian Heritage.  He has a special interest in reaching skeptics and encouraging followers of Christ to develop the life of the mind so it includes the whole gospel to the whole world with all of its implications. Andrew is married to Helen. They have four children.


Pre-Forum Seminar

What's Wrong with Our World? Understanding How Our Unbelieving Friends Think

No one can plausibly deny that something is wrong with the world and with us. This talk examines three diagnoses and labels that our secular age uses to get at the reality of ‘sin’ (what’s wrong). While highlighting what we can learn from these accounts, it is imperative that we are clear on the Bible’s view of our sinful condition. Knowing the difference between the two accounts is essential to our gospel work.



Mapping the Religious Landscape of Europe

Our witness for Christ in Europe takes place within a clash of worldviews. There are a bewildering variety of ideologies that people hold to. An important part of our outreach involves a sensitive understanding of the present context.  In this talk we look back on our religious history to see the three main contenders for the soul of Europe. 


Theology/Arts Roundtable Discussion
With Crystal Downing, Andrew Fellows, Delta David Gier, Beat Rink, and Charles Kelley

Tim Keller wrote, “The church needs artists, because without art, we cannot reach the world.” Is he right? This roundtable discussion focuses on perceptions — and misperceptions — about the importance and place of art and how it is used in and by the Church. Our panel includes theologians and artists, who will grapple with a series of questions from a Biblical perspective in order to better ascertain God’s intention for employing art in worship and culture.


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