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Alexander Fink

Alexander Fink is Director of the Institute for Faith and Science (Institut für Glaube und Wissenschaft) in Marburg, Germany ( He studied physics at the universities of Bayreuth and St. Andrews (UK) and received his PhD at the Institute for Biophysics at the University of Regensburg. After having worked as an industrial product manager, he became director of SMD graduates' ministry (Akademiker-SMD, the German branch of IFES) until 2014. His passion is the dialog of science, faith, and worldviews. Hence he founded the Kepler-Forum in Regensburg, coorganising the annual Regensburger Symposium ( at the University of Regensburg. Since 2008 he has been a member of the ELF Steering Committee and has co-led the Scientists Network. Together with his wife, Alexander enjoys raising his two children.



7 Arguments from Science for the Existence of God for Everybody to Understand​
with Peter Imming

Often Christians don't know how to respond to naturalistic arguments against the existence of God. The youth of the church are left without confidence that the gospel is still true in a world dominated by science. Do you have to understand the function of the bacterial flagellum to be able to discuss faith with proponents of naturalism, or are there easier ways to challenge their premises? Which questions can help? What arguments can a non-scientist use in order to show the plausibility of the Christian faith? Peter Imming is a professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and is also frequently involved in youth ministry.  Alexander Fink is the director of the Institute for Faith and Science and also works with students. Apart from sharing their experiences, there will be time for interaction.



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