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Adrian Reynolds

Adrian Reynolds serves as Associate National Director for the FIEC with particular responsibility for training, including developing leaders. Following a career as a senior manager in the pharmaceutical industry, he served as pastor of Yateley Baptist Church and then as a Director of The Proclamation Trust. Adrian is the author of twelve books, including And Then He Knew Her: A Biblical View of SexTeaching Numbers: From Text to Message, and Progress: Lifelong Growth for Christian Workers. He is a visiting lecturer at a number of colleges and writes for Ligonier in the USA. Adrian serves on an international mission board and chairs two UK Christian organisations: Evangelicals Now (a newspaper) and Discipleship Tech (which owns the PrayerMate app). He is married to Celia and they have three daughters, two of whom are married.



Pure Silver: Understanding the Power of the Tongue

'The tongue of the righteous is pure silver' (Prov. 10.20), but many leaders fail to think clearly or carefully about their words. James tells us that not many should presume to be teachers, because of the difficulty of taming the tongue (James 3). This seminar will help Christian leaders think carefully about what godly speech is and how to nurture it for the building of others and glory of Christ.


Passing the Baton
Even in the secular world, good leadership is displayed in the raising up of a new generation of leaders. Many Christian leaders fail to embrace this world of coaching either through ignorance (they don't know how to) or pride (they don't want to be challenged). This seminar will outline the biblical mandate for leaders to be coaches and provide some biblical and practical wisdom for how to put it into practice.



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