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Zoltan Gyenes

Zoltan Gyenes
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  • Hungary
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  • 2022 Academic Network

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  • Christian Ministry

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What is your ministry?

I want to organize events with Christian Professors in the Postgrad Bible Study Group. It would be an excellent opportunity to invite Ph.D. students who are non-believers; it would be a great mission field!


When did you trust Christ?

I did not grow up in a Christian family. My grandmom was Christian; when I was a child and visited her in the countryside, I always went with her to church. Then, after some years, one of my sister's best friends invited her to her church, and after a while, she asked me as well. There was a church conference, and the church leader said that no matter the situation, we can go to Jesus at any time. He explained the Gospel; that evening, I believed, and I was born again. After that, I committed to going everywhere where God sent me, and I would do everything and speak the Word of God everywhere I go. I thank the Lord for forgiving me with strong faith, and I pray every day for power and wisdom to walk in that way that He shows me.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

Being a part of my church where I can grow in faith and serve consistently in the choir, with my clarinet, and at the sound system—also joining the IFES Bible Study Group at my University (MEKDSZ) when I was a first-year university student. I believe that joining that group was one of the best decisions in my life!

I led that group for three years. We organized "Mission-weeks" and were volunteers at the conferences. So many people encouraged me to be brave and share the Gospel with everyone a the university.

In 2019, I attended at FEUER Academics conference, and there, I had an idea to set up a Postgrad Bible Study Group in Hungary. The Hungarian leader of MEKDSZ and the IFES Academics, Tim Laurence and Nick Repak from Grad Resources, encouraged me to start this group. So since 2020, we have met every month together (even by Zoom because of the pandemic) and spoke about different topics, such as how to share our living faith in the academic area. I am thankful to God and to every people who stand next to me, encouraging me to be brave and do everything for the name of Jesus.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

The European Leadership Forum would be an excellent opportunity for me to get to know Professors and Leaders from all over Europe who have similar situations like mine. In addition, we could encourage each other, and I can grow in my leadership skills.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I have been a Hungarian IFES Movement student leader (MEKDSZ) for six years. In addition, I was a Technical University Bible study group leader for three years (2015-2018). Since 2020, I have been the Postgrad Bible Study Group leader in Hungary and the leader of the Engineering group of DOSZ (the Association of Hungarian Ph.D. and DLA Candidates).

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I feel that I received a lot of gifts from God; I like teaching and leading people. In the past, God showed me ways how I could serve him in different situations. Therefore, I would like to grow in faith and leadership skills if there were an opportunity.