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Richard De Oliveira

Richard De Oliveira
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  • Hungary
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  • Christian Ministry

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  • Needs YRM Funding
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What is your ministry?

I am missionary with Word of Life Fellowship. I serve in Hungary as director of the Bible Institute, and I am part of the leadership of the general ministry of Word of Life Hungary. I am also involved in teaching and discipleship ministry. We welcome students from various countries in Europe and other continents for a year or two of Bible studies, theology training, and practical ministry activities. We have received an annual average of 60 students in the last few years. The average age is 21 years old. Our goal is to train them biblically and theologically to live an effective life for the Lord in any occupational context.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I look forward to interacting and learning from leaders who are already working in the European context. I want to share difficulties, doubts, and ministry plans. In other words, I am looking for brothers who can share the load with me. Of course, I would also like to help others as the need and opportunity arises. I am looking to learn from other leaders who have been working in Europe for a longer time, therefore, with more experience to share with me.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I serve as director of the Bible Institute. I lead the entire staff involved in the institute's ministry. Today, we have 16 dedicated people in this ministry. As part of the overall Word of Life Hungary ministry leadership team, I am involved in major ministry decisions, including team care, finances, doctrine, discipline, and planning for the future. I also build relationships with the Word of Life Europe directors. The Word of Life has ministry is in 18 countries in Europe and we work in cooperation with them. The goal is to send students to do internships, to start training programs for young people, and to offer mentoring.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I want to develop the following skills: leading and motivating a multicultural team; planning for the short-and medium-term future in a culture of resistance to change; surviving in the ministry in a cross-cultural context; better understanding the challenges for leadership in the European context, especially in the east.