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Petr Matousek

Petr Matousek
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  • Czech Republic
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What is your ministry?

I serve as an elder of the Evangelical Fellowship, which is a local evangelical church in Brno, Czech Republic. My responsibilities include preaching and teaching, overseeing church ministry, making disciples, and leading a small group. Besides that, I work as a volunteer for Christian Radio 7 (under Trans World Radio framework) where I moderate sessions about modern technologies. I am also involved in the Network of Christian Teachers in the Czech Republic.

When did you trust Christ?

I come from a non-believing family. We never talked about God or Christianity at home. My first experience with Christianity was when I read the New Testament for the first time. I liked Jesus and the stories about him, but I did not understand many things the Bible spoke about. Later, in my last year at the University, I met students who were Christians. We had a lot of discussions about faith, God, and Jesus. I asked my questions. The main testimony for me was when I saw the life of these Christian students. I envied them and wanted to have such hope and joy in my life. It took about one year when I looked around, asked questions, and also prayed. After this period, I knew that God was real, but I was not sure if I would have agreed to give my life to Him. After some time of praying I decided to make the step and gave my life to Jesus. After this, I was sure that He accepted me and that I belonged to Him. Then, I joined a student Christian Ministry at the University for about 5 years and became a member of the local church in Brno.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I read the Bible and learned a lot about God, but I was not sure if this was real. The main impact on me during my search was to see Christians living their faith. Being with Christian students, I knew that they had something that I had not experienced before. I also studied reliability of the Bible, which helped me to be sure that I could trust the Scripture.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to share my experience from academia and church life with my brothers and sisters and also hear their stories from their lives. In my previous ELF session, I also really enjoyed fellowship with brothers and sisters from different countries, participation in common worship and prayer meetings, and sharing our lives.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I would like to share my life and ministry in academia with other Christians who are teachers, scientists, or researchers. I would like to learn what tools and resources can be employed in academic environments and how to better serve the Gospel to people in academia, i.e., both students and academic staff.