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Konstantinos Boukis

Konstantinos Boukis
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  • Greece
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  • 2022 Leadership Foundations Network

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  • Children and/or Youth


  • Student

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  • ELF Funded
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What is your ministry?

My main ministry is the youth group at my local church. The leadership team consists of 6 people (including me), and our goal is to build strong relationships between group members and with God. Our purpose is to learn who He is, what He has done for us, and what He wants to do with us. Through this we will seek to love Him more, to love others more, and to train and disciple others for His glory and His Kingdom.

When did you trust Christ?

I was born with the privilege of being raised in a Christian family where both my parents were believers. I grew up in the church and at a young age (10 years old) I accepted Jesus as my Savior. It was on a Sunday when we talked about heaven and hell at Sunday school.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

Many years passed in which I was attending church, participating in Sunday school, and going to Christian camps. At the age of 22, I realized that I was a Christian in hibernation. I was performing a task, a tradition, every Sunday morning going to church rather than a conscious choice and pursuing my relationship with Christ. Since then, God has used different ways and different people to shake me and reveal who He truly is and what He did for me.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

The Forum will provide me with the knowledge and the tools that are necessary to make myself a better leader. I also want to share that experience and knowledge with others so that they can become better leaders as well. The purpose is for God to change me, so that I can also lead others to Him.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I worked at Samaritan's Purse as a Logistics Officer, at the HQ in Athens. I was sent to the branch offices on the islands of Kos, Chios, and Leros, to train the logistics teams stationed there. I have been involved with several different Christian camps, where I served as a team leader. I am currently a youth leader at my local church. I am also a student leader at the Greek Bible College, where I study Theology.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I personally believe (family, friends, and my church elders agree) that I have the spiritual gift of teaching. I am disciplined, hard-working, patient, a team-player, good listener, consistent, and I am willing to try as hard as I can to use what God has gifted me. I hope I can change and impact others, as others have impacted me, for His glory and for the purposes of His Kingdom.