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Jesudas Johnson

jesudas johnson
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  • India
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  • Church Life, Leadership & Planting

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  • Pastoring and Bible Teaching


  • Christian Ministry

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  • Needs YRM Funding
Participants Answers
What is your ministry?

I have been in ministry as a theological teacher and Pastor for the past several years. I think my primary calling is to be a teacher and preacher of the Word of God to equip the people of God to help fulfill His purposes. God has used me to teach the Word of God to hundreds of students in various places. At present, I am pastoring a church in Nagpur, India. The church belongs to the Indian Pentecostal Church of God, the largest indigenous Pentecostal church in India. I have a wife and two children who are 19 years and 14 years respectively.

When did you trust Christ?

I was born in a Pastor's family, and from childhood, I have had the desire to serve the Lord in my life. However, I accepted the Lord as my savior when I was 14 when I realized the importance of personally accepting Christ into my life. Soon after, I dedicated my life to serving the Lord. After completing the 12th grade, I decided to attend a Bible college to study the Word of God. I received a Master's in Divinity from a college in Bangalore and later went on to do a Master's in Theology in New Testament studies. The Lord used me for His glory as a teacher and preacher of God's Word.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I expect to be trained in spiritual leadership and mentoring skills so that I will be equipped to be more effective in the ministry. In addition, I hope to learn more about how to manage the spiritual and material affairs of the church and enhance the spiritual growth of the church's members. I also would like to pick up interpersonal relationship skills and to know how I can be a better mentor to the people in my church. Finally, I would like to learn about effectively employing modern technology in ministry and reach more people with God's word of God.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I am currently serving as a Pastor of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God in India. My current leadership responsibilities include conducting Sunday Worship at the local church, teaching and preaching the Word during Sunday service and other weekly meetings, visiting the houses of believers, and providing encouragement, prayer, and spiritual support. I also mentor the youth in the church, leading and guiding them in their spiritual journey. I have also initiated a weekly Bible study, especially for youth and those who want to be involved in ministry, to equip them with the Word of God for fruitful service.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I want to develop the skills of effective leadership and management as well as counseling and mentorship skills to be a blessing to the people I serve.