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Darja Kuznecova

Darja K
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  • Latvia
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ELF Network

  • 2022 Disciple-Making Leaders (Foundational) Network

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  • Children and/or Youth


  • Childhood and Adolescent

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  • ELF Funded
Participants Answers
What is your ministry?

As a children's ministry director, I am responsible for building and equipping our team, organizing evangelization events, creating the programs for children at church, organizing our summer camp, working with volunteers and parents, and writing the curriculum for Sunday school.  

When did you trust Christ?

When I was 9-years-old, my grandmother brought me to Sunday school at a Baptist church. She desired to get me acquainted with Christianity from a cultural point of view. She believed that an intelligent person should recognize famous Bible stories, which were reflected in many art pieces. My family wasn't ready for my decision to accept Jesus as my Savior at 12, start serving children at 15, and be baptized at 17. I went from being just a "nice girl" from a "good family" to have the personal understanding of my need for Jesus as the only way to be saved from sin and to receive the real purpose for my future life.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

My Sunday school teacher Elena impacted my faith a lot. Later, when I grew up, I realized that she was a relatively young believer when she became our Sunday school teacher. She admitted that she was afraid not to answer our questions during the lesson, but as I remember, she was always open and ready to listen. And when some young ladies, including me, decided to move to another church, we heard her say: "Even though I can't understand what you are doing, I'm still your teacher and your friend." She was a great example of love and patience, being my mentor even when I was not her Sunday school student anymore. We are still in touch.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

The Forum gives me a broader picture of what is going on in Europe. At the Forum, I make new contacts and meet creative people who want to influence our society. It helps me to grow. Fellowship with other artists impacts my vision of applying different forms of art in the ministry.  

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I have been a Sunday school teacher, preschool group coordinator, camp counselor, Hope Festival team member, CEF instructor, CCI/Russia teacher, and program coordinator, Samaritan's Purse event organizer, a children's ministry teacher at the Baltic School of Ministry, and a Latvian Christian radio children's program broadcaster.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I am creative, open-minded, and ready to learn. Through my ministry, I can influence children – the next generation. I will share what I learn at the Forum with the children and adults that I teach.