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Daniel Hamar

Daniel Hamar
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  • Hungary
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  • 2022 Apologetics (Advanced) Network

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  • Evangelism


  • Evangelism

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What is your ministry?

I am the leader of the Hungarian chapter of 4M, an international movement for men. We take them out on adventures into the wilderness to talk about God’s view of masculinity, challenging them in all fields of life. Our main program is Extreme Character Challenge, a 72 hours challenge in the mountains. We also make programs for women and father-son pairs.

When did you trust Christ?

In 2002 I believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before that, I had a postmodern view: I thought of Jesus as a great teacher or a magician but nothing more. After my brother accepted Jesus Christ, I had several conversations with him, making me rethink my ideas regarding God, Jesus, and the Bible. Eventually, I had to admit that Jesus is the Savior. I realized that God must exist and that he only wants me to accept Jesus and his sacrifice for me. About a year after I believed, I talked with my pastor, which made me realize that I can’t expect God to change my life if I never obey what he says. Now I am hungry for Him and willing to submit faithfully to Him. I went to Bible College, where I learned what God expects from a man, how we are to walk in this world, what authentic spirituality is. I read biographies and was able to meet missionaries, and these things made my heart ache. I struggled with doubts and questions during those years, but they made my faith more solid.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I want to learn as much from the Bible rather than from the world. Meeting apologists, scientists, and artists helps me see more of God’s character and have a healthy view of these areas of his creation. Through the Forum, I have met and connected with people and leaders who help me live as God intends us to.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I was one of the pastors at Calvary Chapel, the church where I was saved. I was responsible for the everyday life of the church, for events, for teaching, and for pastoring people. I also led the evangelistic ministry and co-led the youth program, including a separate evening service, worship concerts, and a Bible study.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I often see success in my ministry despite my faults. This is because God always provides; he does these things and not me. I hope people will support his work through me.