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Dalma Adriany

Dalma Adriany
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  • Hungary
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  • University Students


  • Christian Ministry

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  • YRM Funded
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What is your ministry?

I work with the campus ministry of Cru in Budapest, Hungary. Our aim is to win students for Christ, help them grow in their faith, and to become disciples who then disciple others. My ministry involves a lot of personal initiation on campuses, organizing outreach events, leading Bible study groups, helping students become leaders, training them to share the gospel with others, and becoming multiplying disciples themselves.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

The Year-Round Mentoring program seems like a great opportunity to learn more about discipleship from women who have walked ahead of me and who have more experience in this field. This is really my passion and I want to use this opportunity to grow. I want to develop a more biblical view of discipleship. I want to learn more about what it means in practice and to be more professional in what I do.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I am not in a leadership position within Cru right now. However, I lead students individually and I lead Bible study groups. Last year I was responsible for organizing our weekly outreach events in Budapest. My responsibility is to help students grow in their faith and help them become leaders who lead other people to Christ. I would like to teach them how to read the Bible, how to initiate spiritual conversations, how to share the gospel, how to lead small groups, and how to pass on their knowledge of God. I also try to help students heal from the emotional wounds of the past.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

This is my third year in campus ministry. It is still not clear to me what my goal should be with my disciples: To help them mature in faith? To help them share the gospel independently? To develop their character? To get to know the Word better? Ideally, it should be all these things. But people’s lives are complicated and there is not a specific set of actions that work for everyone. God is teaching me to let go of control and trust Him, but sometimes I get lost in what I need to do.