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Christopher Mene

chris mene
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  • Nigeria
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What is your ministry?

I am the senior pastor of Petra Ministry International, with headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria. We have three other church branches in Nigeria, one in the UK and one in the US. I oversee the entire vision of the ministry, with a strong emphasis on church planting, discipleship, intercession, and spiritual warfare. I train and equip leaders within and outside my local church on discipleship work through Bible study and intercessory thrusts. Our leadership arm has been on since the inception of the ministry twenty-two years ago, calledPetra Leadership Development School, with the mission statement "Raising High Impact Low Profile ChristlikeLeaders." You don't graduate from the leadership school, but you can be withdrawn if found wanting. I also teach heavily on marriage and family values. Dayspring Couples Fellowship is the ministry's family arm that helps address our ministry to families. I am involved in the prayer ministry, interceding for community and national transformation. I have been married for twenty-four years and have three grown-up young adults. My wife is a music minister, an educationist by training who is also very involved in ministry. She coordinates the women's arm of the ministry.

When did you trust Christ?

I responded to the Lord's calling at age thirteen in an Easter retreat Camp meeting organized by the Scripture Union. Unfortunately, I drifted after starting high school. I rededicated my life on 2nd October 1992 after losing a dear friend to a strange illness. I have been in faith steadily since then. After graduating college, I responded to the call to ministry in October 1994. I have been in full-time ministry since 1994 and worked under another ministry for six years before leaving to start the present work that's been on since January 2000.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

Excellence is a product of continuous improvement. I'm anticipating gathering knowledge on effective Biblicalmeans of planting churches through discipleship. I would desire to learn from other church planters how to overcome the challenges of staffing and fundraising skills. Very importantly is meeting like-minded brethren, networking, and partnering on how to strengthen and transform already planted churches to match the kingdom standard. I would also love to see if there are new tools for reaching the youths, considering the social media pull that hasdrained them from the truth of the gospel. Very importantly is learning how to use the media effectively for church planting and advancing the kingdom.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I develop the vision for the entire ministry under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Train leaders within and outside our ministry.Pioneer church planting efforts. Have over forty ministers on my leadership team.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

Competent hands are few. No doubt that God has blessed us with faithful hands over the years, but more hands are needed to fulfill the mandate. The need to have an established structure that will endure into the future is a likely challenge. Planting churches that are purely homogeneous in culture and literacy is one of our significant challenges. Planting a purely local church that can reach the people in the native language without communicating in English is a primary challenge, considering the unchurched people's literacy level. There's no doubt that planting indigenous churches could be financially expensive, and funding is a significant challenge.