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Welcome to the European Leadership Forum

The mission of the European Leadership Forum (Forum) is to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe. Our goal is that the leaders would be able to:

  1. Present the gospel confidently, lovingly and persuasively
  2. Share and implement the best strategies for reaching their own countries for Christ
  3. Develop their gifts and abilities in their unique vocations and callings
  4. Mentor the next generation of evangelical leaders
  5. Lead their churches or other organisations faithfully and with godly wisdom
  6. Plant new churches and renew local churches

As a coalition of evangelical Christian groups, we seek to do what no single organisation could do alone: provide a bridge between God’s global resources and local leaders from all over Europe.

At our annual meeting, our leaders teach, train, and encourage participants as everyone seeks to identify common needs and find resources to meet them. Attendees find mentors and build friendships that will allow collaboration and new partnerships. Having met and heard Forum leaders teach, participants can determine which of them might be most helpful back in their own countries. Each year, an estimated 1,000 events, strategies, and partnerships are organised by Forum attendees in their home countries as a result of the annual meeting.

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