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Jewish Ministry Mentoring

Detailed information about 2017 Forum Mentoring is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2016 Forum for a look at the type of mentoring that may be available in next year’s Forum.

Writing of his burden for the salvation of his fellow Jews, the Apostle Paul declared, “my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation” (Romans 10:1).  Perhaps you share Paul’s burden but don’t know how to proceed.  Or perhaps you’re engaged in the field but long for input and encouragement from peers.  Perhaps you’ve wondered: What are the unique challenges of Jewish evangelism?  What stops Jewish people from receiving their Messiah?  What about the anti-Jewish teaching in the church, historically and up to the present time?  What crucial role does Jewish evangelism play in the cause of world evangelization?  How should believers pray for Israel, for the Jewish people, and for those bringing the Gospel to the Jews?

Jewish Ministry Mentoring provides a context for considering these and other questions.  It also provides a forum for meeting others engaged in the field, receiving practical input, and learning about hands-on opportunities.


Avi Snyder is the European Director of Jews for Jesus.  He was raised in a conservative Jewish home in New York City and came to a saving faith in Jesus in 1977 with the help of a Jews for Jesus tract and the forthright witness of Christian friends.  He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary, the School of World Missions, with a Masters degree in missiology. Since joining Jews for Jesus in 1978, he has provided leadership for branch offices in the US, the UK, Germany, the former USSR, and Hungary.  Currently, he and his wife Ruth live in Budapest.   

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