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Roman Catholicism Mentoring

Detailed information about 2020 Forum Mentoring is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2019 Forum for a look at the types of mentoring that may be available at the 2020 Forum.

Roman Catholicism is a global player in the Christian world. For Evangelical Protestants, it is not always easy to deal with it. Doctrinally speaking, there is a five century long controversy over foundational truths of the Gospel. Recent ecumenical developments make the picture slightly different, but do they make it radically different? Depending on whether or not you live in a majority Roman Catholic situation, your perception of it may differ significantly. People struggle over what to do with Rome: should we be open to dialogue, co-operation, even common prayer and witness? Should we keep the focus on evangelizing Roman Catholics, or should we change our attitude? Forum Roman Catholicism Mentoring has been designed to provide guidance to pastors and leaders who are asking these questions.

This type of mentoring is also offered in the cohort mentoring format.


Leonardo De Chirico is the pastor of Breccia di Roma, a church that he helped plant in Rome in 2009, and Vice Chairman of the Italian Evangelical Alliance. Previously, Leonardo planted and pastored an evangelical church in Ferrara, Italy from 1997 to 2009. He earned degrees in history (University of Bologna), theology (ETCW, Bridgend, Wales) and bioethics (University of Padova). His PhD is from King's College (London); it was published as Evangelical Theological Perspectives on Post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism. In 2015, he published A Christian Pocket Guide to Papacythrough Christian Focus. He is a lecturer of historical theology at Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione in Padova, Italy. Additionally, Leonardo is the director of the Reformanda Initiative, which aims to equip evangelical leaders to better understand and engage with Roman Catholicism, and the leader of the Rome Scholars and Leaders Network.


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