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Mentoring at the ELF Annual Meeting

Personal Mentoring is an important part of the European Leadership Forum. This initiative provides Forum participants with the chance to talk one-on-one with an experienced leader in his or her particular field.

What is Forum Personal Mentoring?

Forum Personal Mentoring works like this:

  • All Forum participants are invited to sign up for the type(s) (2 maximum) of mentoring that interest them using the sign-up forms found on the Forum website.
  • Forum participants choose a mentor and a time slot through our scheduling system
  • Hour-long mentoring meetings are scheduled to occur at the Forum over a meal (or via Zoom for the online format)
  • During a mentoring meeting, participants may pose difficult questions; seek advice on a specific situation; learn more about a particular topic of interest; receive prayer and gain encouragement.
  • Participants and mentors can find their mentoring schedule in the app during the event

The Forum Personal Mentoring list expands every year, so we encourage you to check out mentoring types each year. See a list of last year's mentoring types HERE.


When Can I Sign Up? 

Forum Personal Mentoring is available a few weeks before the ELF annual meeting to registered participants. Please check back in during the weeks leading up to the Forum for more information on specific mentors and types of mentoring available. 

If you have any questions about Forum Mentoring, please email Katrina at

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