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Master Class: The Sexual Revolution: How to Understand and Respond to the Revolution of Sex


Join Stefan Gustavsson on 30 January 2021, 15.00 - 18.00, London Time, for a free Master Class.

Stefan Gustavsson is a member of the European Leadership Forum Steering Committee. He is the director for Apologia – Centre for Christian Apologetics and makes his home in Stockholm. He was the founding General Secretary for the Swedish Evangelical Alliance. Stefan travels widely with apologetic teaching and training and is often involved in university evangelism and public debates. He is the author of several books on Christian apologetics and the Christian mind. Stefan is married to Ingrid and they have three grown children.


The Sexual Revolution: How to Understand and Respond to the Revolution of Sex

Sex is an important and powerful dimension of our human existence. Today our view of sex, the body, and love is deeply shaped by the sexual revolution, while the biblical understanding is rejected and ridiculed. Often the church has been silent on the subject or has gradually adapted the view of the secular culture. In this Master Class we will take an in-depth look into both the sexual revolution and the Bible’s revolutionary view of sex.

This Master Class will address the following 5 topics:

1) Let's Talk About Sex
In this first session we will look at the basic different alternatives that historically have been suggested for how to understand what sex is and how we should think about it.


2) The Sexual Revolution: What Is It and What Has It Done to Us? 
In this session we will trace the history of the sexual revolution, listen to some of its major thinkers, and analyze the consequences that have followed from the revolution.


3) Sex in God's Sight: The Biblical Vision for Sex  
In this session we will look into the Bible to see what the Creator's view of sex is and what kind of life – including sexual life – he has designed for us.


4) LGBTQ - The Traditional Wisdom Questioned  
In this session we will talk about the new issues of identities and lifestyles that challenge the church and the traditional interpretation of the Bible.


5) Singleness, Celibacy, and Marriage – for Disciples of Christ
In this session we will talk about God’s calling for us individually and the implications it has for the place of sex in the broader picture of what it is to be human and a follower of Christ.


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