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Master Class: Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church


Diane Langberg is globally recognized for her 47 years of clinical work with trauma victims. She has trained caregivers on six continents in responding to trauma and to the abuse of power. She also directs her own counseling practice in Jenkintown, PA, Diane Langberg, Ph.D. & Associates, which includes seventeen therapists with multiple specialties. She is co-founder of Global Trauma Recovery Institute and Co-chair of ABS Trauma Recovery Council. Dr. Langberg’s newest book is Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church. Other books include Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse, On the Threshold of Hope (with accompanying workbook), In Our Lives First: Meditations for Counselors, and Suffering the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores. Dr. Langberg is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumna Achievements from Taylor University, the American Association of Christian Counselors Caregiver Award, The Distinguished President’s award, and the Philadelphia Council of Clergy’s Christian Service Award. She is married and has two sons and four grandchildren.

Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church

Leadership is very important from a Biblical perspective. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” However, leadership can be abused. The body of Christ desperately needs to understand the form power takes, how it can be abused, and how to respond to abuses of power. This Master Class will provide that overview and a message of hope.

This Master Class will address the following 5 topics: 

1) Power Defined
This session will discuss the idea of where power comes from, as well as understanding the different types of power. 


2) Power Abused
How is power abused? What is the role of deception in the abuse of power?  This session will also address the topics of vulnerability and exploitation as they both relate to the abuse of power.


3) The Abuse of Power in the Church  
What role does power play in human systems? What is spiritual abuse? How Christendom is seduced by power? Diane will address these questions as well as talk about the character, the personal history and the accountability of leaders.


4) Power Redeemed
This session will talk about the redemptive power as demonstrated by Christ in order to present a message of hope in the midst of the abuse of power. 


5) Power Redeemed Part 2
This session will continue the message of hope and address the healing power and the body of Christ.     



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