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Master Class: Confident Christianity


Join Peter Saunders on 20 February 2021, 15.00 - 18.00, London Time, for a free Master Class.

Peter Saunders was born in New Zealand and originally trained as a general surgeon before serving with the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya and completing two years mission training at All Nations Christian College in the UK. Since 1992 he has served full-time with Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organisation with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members, first as Head of Student Ministries, and since 1999 as Chief Executive. During this time he was also Campaign Director of the Care Not Killing Alliance, a coalition of over 40 organisations in the UK promoting palliative care and opposing euthanasia.  Since January 2019 he has been CEO of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association which brings together national fellowship of Christian doctors and dentists in over 80 countries worldwide. His current work involves leadership training, teaching evangelism and ethics, medical mission and writing. His wife Kirsty is a community pediatrician and they have three adult sons, Chris, Ben and Jonno.;;;


Confident Christianity

Confident Christianity has been used over 25 years to train thousands of believers.  It aims to help you help you understand the non-Christian mindset better and share the Gospel more confidently and articulately in the way the Apostles did it – in understandable language, in a safe place, and with the opportunity for discussion. It teaches you to affirm the truth they know, challenge their misconceptions, and lead them to consider Christ.

This Master Class will address the following 5 topics:

1) Worldviews and the Distinctness of Christianity
What are the basic worldview categories, how do we determine a person’s worldview, and what is distinctive about Christian theism?


2) Pre-evangelism and Knowing God's Role and Ours 
Depths of conversation, pre-evangelism, identifying and testing an unbeliever’s presuppositions, and understanding God’s sovereignty in evangelism. 


3) Knowing the Gospel and the Role of Dialogue  
What was the content of the Gospel sermons in Acts, how can we put it in our own words, and what three principles did the apostles observe in sharing it?


4) The Nature of Dialogue and the Reasons for Faith  
Addressing our fears, identifying the common questions, and knowing the three main lines of argument for Christianity and how best to deploy them.


5) The Process of Persuasion and Successful Evangelism
Using the ‘Identify, Confront, and Invite’ model to lead people from the truth they know to the truth they don’t and the elements of successful evangelism.


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