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Leaders of Christian Organisations Groups A & B

Detailed information about the 2021 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2020 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2021 Forum's Networks. 

2020 European Leaders of Christian Organisations Network

The Leaders of Christian Organisations Network is designed to equip and resource Christian leaders.  This Network seeks to provide practical wisdom, useful leadership insights and biblically-based solutions to key problem areas, as well as to encourage leaders facing key organisational challenges. This Network also addresses significant issues that new or experienced leaders may encounter, from how to deal with their own assumptions of personal integrity and virtue, to topics like strategic planning, vision-casting, time management and delegation, prioritising organisational objectives, and assessing finances and resource development.

The 2020 Network will be led by John Stevens and Adrian Reynolds.  Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.



John Stevens is the National Director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, a family of over 500 Bible-centred churches in the UK, a position that he has held since 2010. Prior to this he was one of the founding pastors of City Evangelical Church Birmingham, which was planted in the centre of the UK’s 2nd largest city in 1999. He was instrumental in starting the Midlands Gospel Partnership, was the course Director of the Midlands Ministry Training Course and is a visiting lecturer at Oak Hill Theological College. John is also one of the pastors of Christchurch Market Harborough, a church he helped to plant when he took up his current role.  He was converted whilst studying law at Cambridge University, and after taking a post-graduate degree at the University of Oxford worked for 16 years as a University Lecturer, ending his career as Deputy Head of the Law School at the University of Birmingham. John is married to Ursula and they have four children aged between 12 and 7. He blogs at on theology, church life and ministry, culture and politics.


Adrian Reynolds serves as Associate National Director of The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches where he has worked since 2017. He joined from the leadership of The Proclamation Trust, which trains preachers in the UK and abroad. Before this he served as pastor of Yateley Baptist Church. Adrian initially trained as a chartered accountant and specialised in forensic accounting investigations and training. He also served in the pharmaceutical industry, working in the area of structural organisation. Adrian has written 15 books, including three commentaries and books on marriage and sex. He has also written for Ligonier and The Gospel Coalition. He chairs both the board of Evangelicals Now, a UK Christian Newspaper, and Discipleship Tech, the charity that owns and runs the PrayerMate app. He also serves on an overseas mission board. Adrian is married to Celia and they have three daughters and two grandchildren. He lives in Market Harborough in the UK, where he also helps lead a local church and leads the worship team.



Bobb Biehl is an executive mentor. His clients are primarily large or fast-growing churches, non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and government agencies. Bobb is a proven ‘behind-the-scenes’ leader, mentoring and bringing strength up under the platform of ‘up-front leaders’. He consistently brings “practical wisdom to leadership.” The result is leadership clarity and confidence.



Jen Charteris, originally from South Africa, is Executive Director of Crosslands Training, which provides in-context theological training up to Masters’ level across the UK, Europe and the 10:40 window.  Previously she spent over 25 years working in strategic change, organisational consulting, board and leadership development.  She has been a senior advisor on major change programmes in government, defence, infrastructure and financial services, taught on various MBA programmes and at the UK Military’s Defence Academy, worked internationally with the leaders of Christian ministry organisations, and has many years of board experience.  She is married to Hugo, a church pastor and planter in the north of England, and they have two adult children.


Jim Golden has served as an elder in his church, founder of the Christian Leadership Project in the U.S. and a founder of the Center for Leadership Development in Kyiv, Ukraine. More recently, he has worked with some of America’s largest companies in negotiating humane win-win resolutions of conflicts. Golden’s work is the subject of a case study taught at Harvard Business School, where he speaks perennially and a Harvard Business Review video. Golden has served as a Visiting Fellow at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, a Senior Fellow at the Consensus Building Institute, and a client supervisor in the Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program. His articles have appeared in academic and professional publications including the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. He has negotiated and consulted with senior staff to the President of the United States and the National Security Council and with officials in China and Ukraine. Jim learned to negotiate as a survival skill because he had four daughters.


Rob Martin has been involved in Christian ministry since his conversion in 1976.  He has served as general manager of Fieldstead & Company, a private philanthropy organization of Howard and Roberta Ahmanson; the U.S. director of the Lausanne Committee; and executive director of First Fruit, Inc., a private charitable foundation. Since 2009 he has been a partner of the First Fruit Institute, serving ministries and colleague foundations as a coach on a variety of organizational issues. Rob has served as a seminar leader on fundraising and leadership for mission with a number of organizations, including The Overseas Ministry Study Center, World Evangelical Alliance Leadership Institute, Development Associates International, and Bakke Graduate University. He is the author of When Money Goes on Mission: Fundraising and Giving in the 21st Century, and has taught and coached on this topic through major conferences, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and face-to-face settings across the span of Christian mission. He and his wife, Bev, have raised three daughters and currently live in Washington State.



Day 1

Leading with Words

Adrian Reynolds

The majority of our leadership is exercised by communicating with people. To lead effectively we therefore need to know how to speak appropriately. How can we speak in a biblical and wise way?


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

John Stevens

Most challenges in church and organizational leadership involve navigating difficult relationships with other people. Leaders therefore need a high degree of relational skill. Technical competence alone is not sufficient for effective ministry leadership. Emotional intelligence enables leaders to understand themselves, understand others, and communicate well. We will draw on biblical examples to examine the importance of emotional skills to good leadership, and consider how we can develop them so as to become healthier and more effective leaders.

Day 2

Balance – Personal and Professional

Bobb Biehl

Balance is a result of one word: schedule. Typically, you determine your own schedule. Therefore, you schedule your own balance/imbalance. Plan basic balance into your life by scheduling many of the really important things into your life a year in advance (family vacations, personal retreats, time with parents, etc.). At this point in your life, it may be the only way to achieve any semblance of balance!


Analyzing Any Situation

Bobb Biehl

With a checklist you can quickly do a comprehensive assessment of any situation very rapidly, evaluating the primary variables. An example of a proven checklist would be a flight checklist, checking off every key variable before a flight takes off.  Every time you use a checklist it can get better and better as you add an experience point here and a point there. A checklist lets you go faster and faster, and it is more and more comprehensive helping you in making wiser and wiser decisions!

Day 3

Golden Rule Case Study at Harvard Business School

Jim Golden

How do God and objective truth have an indispensable role in business, law, NGOs, universities, ministries, politics, and the personal lives and families of leaders who shape the world? In this participant-focused interactive examination of the Golden Rule Case Study, we will work to find answers and practical applications to this complex question.


The Communion of Giving and Receiving

Rob Martin

Why is fundraising so hard? How can we do fundraising in a biblical and healthy way? This session explores the concept of sustained interdependence, when ministries are strengthened and supported by local boards, local funding, and local accountability, which in turn creates local ownership and responsibility.  Sustained interdependence allows engagement and partnership where all are equal partners at the foot of the cross. This session gives practical steps that foster the communion of giving and receiving where mere transactions become transformative and dependency moves to discipleship.

Day 4

Leading in Complexity

Jen Charteris

During a lifetime of leadership we will each encounter a few especially complex challenges, and our formal leadership training (if we’ve had any) will probably not have equipped us for these.  What makes some situations inherently complex?  How do we make sense of what’s happening in the midst of that complexity?  How might our leadership approach need to adapt at these times?  And what principles and tools might help us to navigate the complexity with wisdom, grace, and integrity?


Leading Yourself

Adrian Reynolds

The ability to manage yourself is essential to effective leadership. We will learn from the bible how to manage our time, priorities, and responsibilities wisely and develop a personal action plan to implement the lessons that we have learned from the Network when we return home.


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