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Generosity Mentoring

Detailed information about 2020 Forum Mentoring is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2019 Forum for a look at the types of mentoring that may be available at the 2020 Forum.

Generosity is at the core of the gospel. Through Jesus Christ, God gives generously of his grace and love that we don’t deserve. Looking to God and Jesus as examples, we are all called to live generously with our time, talents, and treasures. Generosity is giving freely of our resources since God has given freely to us (Matthew 10:8). God has designed the universe so that generosity brings great blessings such as happiness (Acts 20:35) and others´ esteem (Proverbs 11:25). However, generosity´s true motive is never to get earthly goods from God (Luke 10:35).

Although there is a lot of good education from the Bible about living generously, there are a lot of misunderstandings that are fed by unbiblical ways of teaching about generosity. God is not counting our giving, instead he judges the heart because he wants to be our treasure. Matthew 6:21 says “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Generosity Mentoring can help you find some answers to the following questions:

  • What does the Bible says about generosity?
  • How can I grow in generosity by myself?
  • How can I address generosity in a biblical way in my church?
  • Is it possible to be too generous?

This type of mentoring is also offered in the cohort mentoring format.


Bert den Hertog is general secretary of Compass Europe and a member of the global leadership team of Compass World. He serves the national movements of Compass across Europe. He is also a financial coach and trainer in the area of recovery from debt and unemployment. Previously he served for eight years as the general secretary of IFES-Netherlands, a trainer in Governance for IFES Europe, and a member of the Advisory Board of Veritas Europe. He has also been a church planter and the head of youth ministries for a Dutch Reformed Inner Mission Organisation. After graduating he spent six years as a project manager in a business company and in his free time was an elder of a Dutch Reformed Church. Bert is married to Marjon, and they have five children.


Zsolt Szalai has spent most of his professional career in banking and private equity companies in Hungary. In 2006, he was called to serve as an elder in the Reformed Church of Szentendre, and since January 2018, Zsolt also serves as the head of the Board of Elders. Since 2014, he is leading Compass finances God’s way ministry in Hungary and since 2017 he is head of the leadership workshop of Hungarian Evangelical Forum. Zsolt also serves as the chairman of Association of Christian Leaders and Businessmen, a partner of CBMC International and Europartners. 



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