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2016 Exhibitors

Acts 29 Europe

A29 Europe exists as a diverse European family of church-planting churches characterised by theological clarity, cultural engagement and missional innovation. With over 500 churches globally, we provide focus and follow-through in Assessment, Coaching, Training and Support. We would love to offer our tools and training to planters, churches, denominations, and all who, like us, believe that church-planting is above all a theological enterpreise for the glory of God.

Cambridge Leaders Network

Are you a leader facing difficult questions about leadership and management? Would you like to connect with like-minded peers and receive advice from senior leaders? The Cambridge Leaders Network (CLN) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Cambridge Scholars Network

Are you a PhD student wrestling with integrating your Christian belief and your discipline? Have you faced challenges in your studies that cause you to question your faith? Do you feel alone in this struggle? Then the Cambridge Scholars Network (CSN) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Christian Political Foundation for Europe

The Christian Political Foundation for Europe encourages Christians to be active and involved in politics and society across Europe. The CPFE is actively involved in finding solutions for Europe's challenges, including those stemming from the Midle East. The CPFE promotes a relational vision for economy and society and encourages the EU to engage in strategic partnerships with movements that bring freedom to the Middle East.

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF)

CCEF's mission is to restore Christ to counseling and counseling to the church by thinking biblically about the issues of living through a synergy of teaching, counseling, writing, mentoring, conference speaking, and consulting. The heartbeat of our mission is our belief in the Christ’s relevance in counseling and in the body of Christ as God’s primary context for change.  We have been serving the church for nearly 50 years through teaching, counseling, and writing, out of our desire to equip the church to better love and serve those in its midst.

Community Bible Study Europe

The mission of Community Bible Study Europe is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all. We are here to serve you who are looking for tools to make disciples, start small groups, plant new churches, develop new leaders, work among Muslims and strengthen people in their walk with the Lord.

C.S. Lewis Society/DNA and Beyond

The C. S. Lewis Society, founded at Princeton, seeks to explain and defend Christianity among those who are secular, skeptical or apathetic.  In our passion to employ science as a bridge, we're working with a nonprofit, DNA and Beyond, to create top quality teaching materials, including "The Mysterious Epigenome," and a new DNA model that displays genetics and epigenetics, and opens the door to faith/science discussions. Creativity counts...and that's what we're all about.

Emanuel University of Oradea

Emanuel University of Oradea is an accredited, conservative, evangelical university in Romania committed to train and develop the next generations of pastors, missionaries, community and business leaders, teachers, social workers, and musicians in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to equip the next generation of leaders in Romania, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia by providing a university education centered on the Person, teaching, and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Evangelical Focus

Evangelical Focus is a news and opinions website for Europe, aiming to give a biblical perspective on the current issues in society: the refugee crisis, freedom of speech and politics, growth of evangelical churches in southern countries, apologetics, biblical perspectives on pop culture, projects in the cities, and more. With more than 70 authors, 1,200 contents, and 25,000 monthly views, our aim is to serve as a platform to help the mission of the church in Europe, and to be a place in which people from across Europe can give relevant perspectives on how the church connects with society.

FOCL Resources

Do you wish you could listen to a particular Forum lecture again?  Do you regret not attending a specific session? If so, then we encourage you to check out FOCL Resources where you’ll find a variety of audio and video resources from this year's and previous Forums.

FOCL Webinars

Would you like continued interaction with Forum speakers throughout the coming year? If so, then you should consider participating in a FOCL Webinar. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Greek Evangelical Church of Piraeus, Greece

Our organization is a mercy ministry belonging to the Greek Evangelical Church of Piraeus. We share the gospel with the poor, refugees, and visiting tourists, using a holistic approach to minister to both to their spiritual and physical needs regardless ethnic or religious background.  We want to invite you (with a group) for a short-term trip to Piraeus, by far busiest passenger port in Europe, to participate in cross-cultural ministry. We want you to hear the same call as the Apostle Paul heard: “Come … and help us” (Acts 16:9).

Harvest Bible Fellowship

Harvest Bible Fellowship is in passionate pursuit of the fulfilment of Jesus Christ's promise to build His Church. We believe healthy things multiply, so we set out not just to plant churches, but to plant church-planting churches: Harvest Bible Chapels. More than 160 churches have been planted in just a few years. Are looking for an opportunity to plant a vertical, high-impact, contemporary & autonomous church? We can train you, equip you, and plant a local Harvest Bible Chapel with you.

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is in international evangelistic Jewish mission agency with a presence in thirteen countries around the world.  Our mission statement explains, "We exist to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide."  Our booth will be a resource for you, our brothers and sisters in Yeshua (Jesus), if  you share our burden for the salvation of the Jewish people, want to know more about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, want to connect with other Christians who pray for the salvation of the Jewish people, or are interested in evangelistic opportunities with the Jews for Jesus.

Leadership Development Initiative

Are you in a leadership position in your church or organisation? Would you like to connect with other Christian leaders in an intimate learning environment? Then the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Persuasive Evangelism Initiative

Do you have an apologetic and evangelistic calling? Are you looking for ways to develop your communication and relational skills while deepening your understanding of apologetic topics? Then the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative (PEI) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Reformanda Initiative/Rome Scholars Network

Are you interested in developing a clearer understanding of Roman Catholic theology and practice? Do you interact with Roman Catholics through your ministry organisation or local church, or work with other evangelicals that do? Do you have a heart for engaging Roman Catholics with the biblical Gospel? Then the Reformanda Initiative/Rome Scholars Network (RSN) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Scripture Union

Discover what Scripture Union is offering in your country. Working with the churches, Scripture Union aims to make God’s Good News known to children, young people and families in ways most appropriate to the culture. Find out how we can serve you by providing Bible-based materials for children, young people and adults. Searching for a camp or training resources for your kids? Check it out!

The Masters Academy International (TMAI)

TMAI is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by training indigenous church leaders to be approved pastor-teachers, able to equip their churches to make biblically sound disciples. TMAI has Bible Training Centers in Europe and around the world.

Travelling Speakers

Request a Forum Speaker

Is there a particular speaker you'd like to invite to lead an event in your church university, or organisation? We can help you reach out to that individual, who will review your submission, along with his/her schedule, to see if your event will be possible.

Forum Speaker Tours

Are you interested in hosting a Forum Speaker, but aren't sure who you'd like to invite or what topic you'd like him/her to cover? If so, consider inviting one of the Forum Speakers who has already agreed to conduct a speaking tour.

Trubar Forum

The Trubar Forum seeks to preserve and promote the Reformation heritage of Slovenia. In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, we want to encourage European churches and Evangelical Alliances to creatively strategize for how to share the Gospel with our nations and to Europe. Come talk with us at our booth, set up a coffee meeting with us or take information about utilizing 2017 to tell the story of the Reformation to your nation. If we don't tell the story, who will? Contact us at or +386-31-438-013.


Union is all about mission: growing leaders for growing churches. Yet mission must be theologically fuelled if it is to be fruitful and hardy. Robust and winsome mission grows when it is fed by strong and faithful theology. Our vision is to see the worldwide church grow – to see individual churches blessed, revitalised, and going on to plant more churches. Our mission is to recruit, raise and deploy church leaders, providing them with rigorous, biblical and accessible education, training and resources.

United Beach Missions

UBM goes to holiday places and tourist attractions to share the good news of Jesus among thousands of people. Each summer we operate about 90 missions around the UK, Republic of Ireland, and Continental Europe. Visit our booth to learn (a) what opportunities there are to serve the Lord with short-term holidy evangelism missions, (b), how UBM has been foundational to many Christians in their evangelism and discipleship, and (c) how significant UBM is in reaching vast numbers of unchurched people.

VTR Publications

VTR Publications is a European publisher which publishes theological books in various languages. The books focus mainly on Theology, Missiology, and Christian Ministry. Two of our main projects are the promotion of The Mark Drama ( by means of the book The Mark Experiment and the Sharing Lives courses.

Wheaton College Graduate School

At Wheaton College Graduate School, you will join a community of culturally and theologically diverse students engaged in rich dialogue and pursuing excellence in and out of the classroom. Our mission is to form servant scholars and leaders through exceptional graduate programs for Christ and His Kingdom, and our vision is God transforming the world through scholars and practitioners rooted in Christ and equipped for global leadership.

Year-Round Mentoring

Would you like to continue the learning you've begun here at the Forum? Do you want to deepen relationships with other, like-minded leaders, encouraging and challenging one another? Then Year-Round Mentoring (YRM) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.


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