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2015 Exhibitors


Acts 29& Porterbrook

If you would like to find out how to get involved with church planting or how to train your church, leadership team or core team to plant church, then come and find out about our Porterbrook training curriculum and church planting assessment process. Come and meet Acts 29 church planters including the A29 european director and assesement coordinator.

Cambridge Leaders Network

Are you a leader facing difficult questions about leadership and management?  Would you like to connect with like-minded peers and receive advice from senior leaders?  The Cambridge Leaders Network (CLN) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Cambridge Scholars Network

Are you a PhD student wrestling with integrating your Christian belief and your discipline? Have you faced challenges in your studies that cause you to question your faith?  Do you feel alone in this struggle? Then the Cambridge Scholars Network (CSN) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Christian Action Reseach Education (CARE)

CARE's work focuses on equipping the church to engage in areas of public life as a response to our biblical calling to love our neighbour as ourselves and be loving stewards of the world the Lord has given us. Church leaders and those who work in public life can be strengthened and encouraged by visiting CARE's booth.

Christian Politial Foundation for Europe

If you are interested in getting access to the EU and if you want to influence the political scene in Europe or spread a new vision for society, please come and see what we can offer you!

Community Bible Study International

If you are a church leader, a missionary or a children or youth leader, you will find our group study material invaluable.   Available in six to thirty week studies, it is useful for outreach, discipleship and also further study in the community you are serving.   The four way system helps individuals really take in and understand God's Word.   Leadership training is available as well as support and encouragement.


Crescendo serves musicians and other professional artists in many ways.  With concerts, festivals and our publications, we also want to serve the public.  Our most important motivation comes from believing the Christian message. We want to open paths to belief and support faith.  We therefore also work with churches of all denominations - and SERVE them with good art.

Emanuel University

Our booth provides you with the opportunity to network with regional and international leaders in order to build and enhance strategic socioeconomic connections between east and west. You do not want to miss the golden opportunity to engage them in vibrant and enriching talks on social, political, academic, and spiritual matters. Find us to learn more!

Evangelical Focus

Do you have News to share? Do you have suggestions of people who have a fresh biblical approach to society who could be writing at EF? Do you have issues you think we should be commenting on? Would you like to contribute translating from you mother language into English? Since we started many people from different countries have already shared their vision for Europe on Evangelical Focus. We want to find more stories of people, projects, churches, professionals, who are making an impact for the gospel in their countries. Come visit us, let's connect!

FOCL Resources

Do you wish you could listen to a particular Forum lecture again?  Do you regret not attending a specific session?  If so, then we encourage you to check out FOCL Resources where you’ll find a variety of audio and video resources from this year's and previous Forums.

FOCL Webinars

Would you like continued interaction with Forum speakers throughout the coming year?  If so, then you should consider participating in a FOCL Webinar. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Irish Bible Institute

If you are interested in personal leadership development and/or formal education IBI can help.    Our desire is that IBI students leave not only with a deeper understanding of the Bible and a firmer theological foundation, but that they leave transformed by God, more deeply in love with Him and his Church, and equipped to serve in ministry.   We offer flexible training options within European validated programs at competitive costs in a great European capital city, on a full or part time basis.

Jews for Jesus

If you are a Christian who prays for Israel's salvation and wants to know about our evangelistic outreaches please, come chat with us!  Christians with a love and burden for the salvation of the Jewish people will be blessed and encouraged as they learn how to engage Jewish people who don't yet believe in Yeshua.

Leadership Development Initiative

Are you in a leadership position in your church or organisation?  Would you like to connect with other Christian leaders in an intimate learning environment?  Then the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

The Mailbox Club

If you are in need of Bible study materials or curriculums the Mailbox club can serve you and your ministry. The Mailbox Club offers exciting “through-the-mail”, online, and hand-to-hand programs. Visit our booth to find out more about our materials and how to work with us!


If you are interested in engaging with the Christian youth in Europe and help them to discover their calling in God´s mission, then this is a place to connect, share ideas and resources and join us at the next Mission-Net congress. We are in need of mentors for the younger leaders across Europe helping them to live a missional lifestyle.

Museum of the Bible

We invite all people to engage with the Bible. We do this through museum exhibits and scholarly pursuits. Learn more about our extensive activities involving priceless biblical artifacts!

Persuasive Evangelism Initiative

Do you have an apologetic and evangelistic calling?  Are you looking for ways to develop your communication and relational skills while deepening your understanding of apologetic topics?  Then the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative (PEI) is designed for you. Visit our Expo booth to learn more.

Pfander Center for Apologetics

Due to the geo-political Islamic situation in Europe and worldwide we invite you to come and chat with us about your concerns, worries and questions regarding Islam, its growth in Europe, agenda for Europe and how we as Christians can confidently engage Muslims.

Relational Wisdom 360

By visiting our booth you can learn how you and your leadership team can be trained to teach and model relational wisdom in your family, church, ministry or business, and to use RW educational tools as an means of serving your community and drawing others to Jesus and his church.

Scripture Union

Find out what Scripture Union is doing in your country!  Find out about camps for your kids or teens. Have a look at bible reading materials and other ministry resources in different European languages that can help on your journey with God or equip you to serve children and young people better.


Does your church want to become more gospel centred, by being more persuasive in evangelism?  Solas Centre for Public Christianity wants to help you!  Are you a pastor, evangelist or leader needing new tools and focus in your evangelistic ministry?  Find out about our Solas Connect training.  Do you have a heart for evangelism, with limited resources, and wish to do an internship with your local church?  Do you desire to learn how to capture the attention of the opinion makers within your context?  Come visit the team from Solas to find out more.

Test of Faith

Questions about the interactions of science and the Christian faith are increasingly important to consider as we seek to reach and disciple people of all ages in today’s world. Visit the Test of FAITH expo booth to discover more about the topics covered and resources offered by Test of FAITH and how these resources can lay firm foundations for a helpful and informed discussion of science and Christianity. Come along to find out how you and your ministry can help others to navigate this important step in their own journey of faith.

The Veritas Forum

Come and chat with us if you are passionate to see the top university institutions in Europe become increasingly open to a gospel impact, especially if you are:  - staff involved in student ministry with leading universities;  - an academic or intellectual keen to explore (or receive training in) how your Christian mind can be used as a bridge to the gospel;  - a member of a Christian organisation seeking to develop apologetics networks, training or resources in the connection between academia and the gospel;  - someone who could recommend any of the above!

Speaker Tours

Are you interested in hosting a Forum Speaker but aren’t sure who you’d like to invite or what topic you’d him/her to cover? Or, Is there a particular speaker you’d like to invite to lead an event in your church, university, or organisation? We can help you  get in contact with speakers and navigate our list of speakers who are available at our Expo booth.


Any Christian hungry to know God in a deeper way, home-group leaders, deacons, elders, ministers-in-training to those who are seriously looking at theological education.

United Beach Mission

Visiting the United Beach Missions will benefit you in the following ways: a) seeing what opportunities there are to serve the Lord with short term holiday evangelism missions b) learning how UBM has been foundational to many Christians in their evangelism and discipleship. Many who are now serving the Lord in many other ministries look back to their years on UBM teams as significant c) understanding how significant UBM is in reaching vast numbers of unchurched people

Wheaton College Graduate School

We hope to meet ALL individuals and groups who have training needs in the areas of Bible/Theology, Psychology, Christian Formation and Ministry, Intercultural Studies, TESOL, and Teaching. If you hope to be better trained in any of these areas, we would love to meet you!

Year-Round Mentoring

Would you like to continue the learning you've begun here at the Forum? Do you want to deepen relationships with other, like-minded leaders, encouraging and challenging one another? Then Year-Round Mentoring (YRM) is designed for you.



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