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2018 Exhibitors

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African Enterprise

African Enterprise seeks to evangelise the cities of Africa in both word and deed in partnership with the Church. Come and hear more about our ministry across the continent of Africa through stratified evangelism, community transformation, leadership development, and reconciliation. God has used African Enterprise to bring about change in broken communities and in conflict areas.

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Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

Bible Study Fellowship is an interdenominational Bible study with virtual groups available for those who want an in-depth study of the Bible. You will receive an online lesson to work through, meet with others online to discuss, and then listen to a lecture over the studied material. You can choose the day and time each week to meet with your online discussion group.

Cambridge Leaders Network

Are you a leader facing difficult questions about leadership and management?Would you like to connect with like‐minded peers and receive advice from senior leaders? Then the Cambridge Leaders Network (CLN)is designed for you. Held each July in Cambridge, this weeklong programme is designed to help key, emerging leaders develop skills and think about leadership from a biblical perspective. The CLN consists of text-based discussions, lecture and discussion with experienced leaders, case studies written by participants, one‐on‐ one mentoring, and strategy and project assessment.

Cambridge Scholars Network

Are you a PhD student wrestling with integratingyour Christianbelief and yourdiscipline? Do you face challenges in your studies that cause you to question your faith? Do you feel alone in this struggle? Then the Cambridge Scholars Network (CSN) is for you. Held each July in Cambridge, this weeklong programme is designed to help young PhD students establish a spiritual context for academic study, develop thecritical thinking skills that are essential for a successful academic career, and think through relevant apologetic issues.

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Christian Action Research & Education (CARE)

Christian Action Research & Education is a Christian charity seeking to uphold human dignity and to support the Most vulnerable people in society, engaging with politicians in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies and promoting Christian, community-based initiatives. CARE has over 20 years’ experience equipping emerging Christian leaders as they move into positions of responsibility around the world. Supported by individuals and churches throughout the UK, CARE encourages Christians to be informed and to engage positively in public life.

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Community Bible Study Europe

Community Bible Study started 43 years ago. Today it is available in 100 nationsand 70 languages and used by over 500,000 children, youth and adults throughout the world in many denominations. Community Bible Study Europe partners with local churches and communitiesto make disciples, train new leaders, start new and strengthen existingsmall groups by providing excellent Bible study materials, and help people to grow in their faith!

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Evangelical Focus

Evangelical Focus is a news and opinion website for Europe. We give voice to Christians in many countries and address the current affairs and trends in Europe’s societies from a biblical perspective. Visit our website to learn more about how we use journalism to serve God’s mission in Europe.

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Every Home for Christ (EHC)

Every Home for Christ is helping to create opportunities for churches to reach their communities with a culturally-relevant, evangelistic message. We communicate the gospel in a variety of ways, such as the internet, printed materials, and events. EHC operates around the world, and we are developing new strategies to achieve this global impact.

FOCL Resources & Webinars

Do you wish you could listen to a particular Forum lecture again? Do you regret not attending a specific session? If so, then we encourage you to check out FOCL Resources where you’ll find a variety of audio and video resources from this year's and previous Forums.

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Hellenic Ministries

Hellenic Ministries is an international, non-denominational Greek missions organization, seeking to serve Christ throughout Greece, the Balkans, and the Eastern Mediterranean. Our purpose is to reach communities holisticallythrough evangelism, discipleship, and acts of compassion. We do this by working and coming alongside marginalized refugees, exploited women and Roma children through distribution of God’s Word, church planting, media, and evangelism. Come see how you can get involved!

Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)

Are you in a leadership positionin your churchororganisation? Would you liketo connect with other Christianleaders in an intimate learning environment? Then the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is designed for you. The LDI serves evangelical leaders by providing small‐group leadership mentoring and discipleship training. Those interested inparticipatingin the LDI must commit to attending a week‐long retreat (locationto be announced), a minimum of three 1.5‐hour webinars, and a Pre‐Forum Conference at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

Persuasive Evangelism Initiative (PEI)

Do you have an apologetic andevangelistic calling? Are you looking for ways todevelop your communication and relational skills while deepening your understanding of apologetic topics? Then the Persuasive Evangelism Initiative (PEI) is designed for you. The PEI serves evangelical leaders by providing small‐group apologetics mentoring and training in persuasively communicating the Gospel. Those interested inparticipating in the PEI must commit to attending a week‐long retreat (location to be announced), a minimum of three 1.5‐hour webinars, and a Pre‐Forum Conference at the 2019 European Leadership Forum.

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Redcliffe College

Redcliffe College provides masters programmes in missiology, leadership and member care for those working in mission and ministry. You tailor your programme to focus on and impact your day‐to‐day ministry, studying what you do, while you do it. You can attend two MA Summer Schools and complete the rest of your MA online over the course of three to four years, no matter where you are. Redcliffe also publishes the popular online journal Vista, focusing in‐depth on missional issues in Europe today.

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Scripture Union

Scripture Union is an international organization working in 26 countries across Europe. Its double mission is to make God’s Good News known to children, young people, and families and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through Bible study and prayer. Our activities include programmes for systematic Bible reading, children’s missions, holiday camps, work in schools, training, and the distribution of Bible studies and other Christian resources for individuals and churches.


The Word One to One

We live in a biblically ignorant age; most are not thinking of coming to church nor of Christ but think the Bible must have something good to say. Yet most Christians simply don’t know how to share the Gospel! The Word One to One is designed to walk you and your friends through the good news found in John’s Gospel in a way that anybody can use–and they are–globally!

Travelling Speakers

Request a Forum Speaker: Is there a particular speaker you’d like to inviteto lead anevent in your church, university or organization?We can help you reach out to that individual, who will review your submission along with his/her schedule to see if your event will be possible. Forum Speaker Tours: Are you interested in hostinga Forum Speaker but aren’t sure who you’d like to invite or what topic you’d like him/her to cover? If so, consider inviting one of the Forum Speakers who has already agreed to conduct a speaking tour.

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Tyndale House, Cambridge

Tyndale House is a research institute devoted to Bible scholarship. It undertakes verifiable, evidence-based research of the history, culture, and language of Scripture to promote understanding of what the Bible is, what it says, and its reliability as a historical document. Tyndale House’s library is home to one of the world’s finest collections of Bible scholarship materials filled with 50,000 academic volumes.

Union_2017 Logo.jpg


Union is an innovative new Christianministry enabling healthy church growththrough investingin leaders. Our vision is to grow leaders for growing churches, to see churches flourish in the gospel and drive forward inmission. We offer a huge range of fine theological tools to bless and serve the whole church, from podcasts to PhDs and everything in‐between.

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United Beach Missions

United Beach Missions goes to holiday places and tourist attractions wherethousands of people are to share the good news of Jesus. UBM consists of 'Beach Teams' (outreach to families on the beaches),ChristianAnswer Teams (town outreach to tourists) andInternational Student Outreach teams. Each summer we operate about 90 missions around the UK,the Republic of Ireland and continentalEurope.



The DISCIPLOMETER from VisioM helps Christians see where they stand in the journey of their discipleship. The goal is to identify points for spiritual growth, particularly in small groups. Our passion at VisioM is to mobilize and empower Christians and churches to get in evangelistic contact with people who don’t know Christ. For that, we develop media and strategies and network with many partners who follow the same goal to fulfill the great commandment.

Wheaton College Graduate School

Wheaton College Graduate School offers advanced theological and ministry training designed to enhance your professional education and holistic development. Through doctoral and masters degrees taught by world-class faculty, you will be prepared for effective service in your chosen field. With alumni serving in over 100 countries and on 6 continents worldwide, the mission of Wheaton College Graduate School is to form servant scholars and leaders through exceptional graduate programs for Christ and His Kingdom.

Year-Round Mentoring (YRM)

Would you like to continuethe learning you’ve begun here at the Forum? Doyou want to deepen relationships with other like‐minded leaders, encouraging and challenging one another? Then Year‐Round Mentoring (YRM) is designed for you. YRM gathers groups of 10 –15 participants for a programme that generally consists of interactive webinars, an in‐person, mid‐programme retreat, and special meetingsat the Forum. Mentoring Groups:

  • Bible Teachers and Preachers
  • Church and Organisational Leaders
  • Church-Planting Leaders
  • Church Revitalisation
  • Disciple‐Making Leaders
  • Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Leaders of Christian Events
  • Organisational Development
  • Pastors
  • Women in Leadership
  • Youth Ministry Leaders


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