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Detailed information about the 2021 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2020 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2021 Forum's Networks. 

2020 European Evangelism Network

Europe is the most relativistic and pagan continent on the earth. Europeans desperately need to hear and understand the life-giving word of truth - the Gospel. How can this message be shared relevantly, biblically, and credibly? Not all Christians are specifically called to be evangelists (Ephesians 4:11), but everyone is called to be involved in the work of evangelism (1 Peter 3:15, 2 Timothy 4:5). Therefore the curriculum is designed for evangelists, pastors, and lay people who want to be equipped to be more effective in evangelism.  This Network brings together some of the best evangelists from across Europe to provide fresh understandings, best practices, and biblically rooted insights.  Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.



Andrzej Gorski founded the evangelistic Gospel Joy Ministry in 2003 and has been the president of the ministry since then. Since 2016, Andrzej has coordinated the Evangelical Poland movement, which serves as collaboration platform among evangelical Christians in Poland. He graduated from law school in 2000 with a specialty in international law and completed 1 year of study at a Bible School in Warsaw. He worked in business as an Area Sales Manager in a multinational company from 2000 to 2003.  Developing Christian leaders through discipleship is another area which is close to his heart. He is deeply involved with the Life on Life Missional Discipleship movement in Poland. Andrzej and his wife, Ania (born again through the Gospel Joy ministry), have three children: Piotr, Jagoda, and Maria.  Since 2011, Andrzej and his team have planted nine house churches in Poland. In 2019 they planted Amazing Grace church in Poznan.



Andy Bannister is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity in Scotland and an Adjunct Speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Andy holds a PhD in Islamic studies and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths at Melbourne School of Theology. Andy is the author of An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an, and his latest book, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist (or: The Terrible Consequences of Really Bad Arguments), is a humorous engagement with the New Atheism. When not traveling, speaking, or writing, Andy is a keen hiker, mountain climber, and photographer. He is married to Astrid; they have two children, Caitriona and Christopher. See more at


René Breuel is the lead pastor of Hopera, a church in Rome, Italy, which started in 2012 and is currently planting its second daughter church. He has an MDiv from Regent College, Canada; an MSt in Creative Writing from Oxford University; and is the author of The Paradox of Happiness. He is married to Sarah and is the father of two energetic boys.



Luke Greenwood is British by birth, grew up in Brazil, and now lives in Wroclaw, Poland, with his wife Ania and their two children. He serves as the European Director for Steiger, a mission dedicated to reaching the global youth culture for Jesus. His focus and prayer is to raise up a movement with dynamic missionary teams reaching secular culture in every major European city. Luke wrote a book called Global Youth Culture: The Spiritual Hunger of the Largest Unreached Culture Today, which came out in 2019.


Stephen McQuoid grew up in Ethiopia where his parents were missionaries.  He then lived in Ireland where he qualified as a nurse before going on to study theology, gaining a variety of degrees including an MTh and PhD in theology.  He is the author of 16 books on subjects such as discipleship, evangelism, apologetics, and church discipline. Stephen is the general director of Gospel Literature Outreach, a missionary organisation based in Europe.  He is married to Debbie, and they along with their three children fellowship at Liberty Community Church in Bellshill, where Stephen is a teaching elder.   His interests include motorbikes, football, boxing, MMA, and Politics.


Hatun Tash lived in a Muslim country for 27 years but now lives in the UK. She studied various topics at university including bank management and economy, law (basic human rights), maths and physics engineering, and philosophy. She also studied apologetics at the Oxford Centre for Apologetics in Oxford, England. Hatun is the director of DCCI Ministries. She lives an evangelist lifestyle and has a big burden to share the gospel and to see the church equipped. Beside engaging with Muslims at Speakers’ Corner and in mosques every week, she is involved in Christian-Muslim discussion, debates, and Bible studies, while also teaching and training Christians to be better witnesses for Christ.


Rico Tice is the Senior Minister (Evangelism) at All Souls, Langham Place in London. Joining in 1994 during the later years of the ministry of John Stott, his main role is to help the hundreds of enquirers about the Christian faith who come through the doors of the church each year. He has also developed the Christianity Explored course, which introduces people to Jesus through studying the Gospel of Mark. Over 10,000 courses now run in over 100 countries every year, and the material has been translated into more than 50 languages. September 2016 saw the launch of a new resource from CEM called ‘Life Explored’, which is a 7 week course that unpacks sin through the lens of idolatry. Rico studied history at Bristol University and trained for ordination at Wycliffe College, Oxford (when he wasn’t playing rugby). He married Lucy in December 2008 and they have three young children – Peter, Daniel, and Mercy.


Pasi Turunen, theologian (M.Th), author, and apologist, has been working as a Christian radio broadcaster for 25 years. He studied theology at Helsinki University. Turunen is a well-known Bible teacher and is often invited to speak to various apologetic seminars in Finland. He has written four books dealing with cult evangelism, same-sex marriage, inerrancy of the Bible, and apologetics. Currently he hosts a weekly radio program that analyzes current events and changing culture in light of the Christian worldview and the Scriptures. Turunen has also appeared on secular national television and radio programs in Finland defending Christian faith and views on contemporary issues. Turunen works for the Patmos Foundation for World Missions, which is an evangelical missions and relief organization bringing humanitarian aid and the Gospel of Christ to over 20 nations in the world. Patmos Foundation has an extensive media ministry in Finland and was the first Christian organization in Finland to start broadcasting Christian programs on commercial radio stations in 1985.



Day 1

Leading an Externally-Focused, Evangelistic Church

René Breuel

Decisions for Christ should not be rare events but a regular part of church life. How do we communicate the gospel beyond the walls of our churches? This workshop will present a biblical vision for engaging our cities and share an urban church plant's experiments with seeker groups, artistic events, public debates, and cultural production.


Developing a Balanced Evangelistic Strategy

Stephen McQuoid

Evangelism is an activity that can take place both within a church context and also in the wider community.  Both methods are important and can achieve different things, even though the ultimate goal of both is personal conversion.  Most churches tend to concentrate their focus on church-based evangelism, believing it to be easier and safer.  However, there are bigger strategic questions that need to be asked.  This workshop looks at the need to balance the two.  It will demonstrate the benefits and challenges of both and suggest ways in which a church’s evangelism project can be strategically thought out. 

Day 2

Three Apologetic Questions That Every Christian Should Know How to Answer

Pasi Turunen

Apologetics is a tool for evangelism. Its great potential lies in removing intellectual, historical, ethical, and emotional objections your non-Christian friend may have so that you can keep focus on Jesus and His saving message in the Gospels. For your non-Christian challenger, whose attention span often is only 140 characters long, you need answers that are brief, simple, and understandable, yet not simplistic. These answers need to be well informed and therefore credible. You will leave this workshop equipped with practical know-how and useful background knowledge to tackle three important topics.


How to Avoid Being an Undercover Christian: Practical Tools for Sharing Your Faith Without Fear

Andy Bannister

Many Christians hide their faith at work or university, afraid to be public about their faith in Christ. This session examines a few of the reasons for those fears, before introducing delegates to some very powerful practical tools for conversational evangelism/apologetics that can be used by anybody

Day 3

Preaching Mark’s Gospel Evangelistically

Rico Tice

How are we to preach Christ?  Mark's Gospel is crystal clear on this subject: we're to speak of the Identity, Mission and Call of Jesus.  So just about every verse in Mark's Gospel is about who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him.  Mark's clarity means that we can give our church families the confidence to "let the gospel tell the gospel".  So we'll be looking at how we can open up Mark's Gospel and have Jesus walk off the pages of Scripture.


Self-Leadership in Joshua 7

Rico Tice

Sadly, the Christian world is constantly hearing of evangelists who have failed to lead themselves in a way that is honouring to Christ.  We'll be looking at the terrible danger of sin as it is portrayed in the life of Achan in Joshua 7, and then putting together a map that will help us self-lead and manage ourselves in terms of Biblical thinking, feelings, choices (around lust and anger), physical health and circumstances.

Day 4

How to Use Top Muslim Objections to Evangelise Muslims

Hatun Tash

As every individual is made uniquely by God, in evangelism we must engage with each of them them differently. In this session we talk through how to respond to Muslims’ objections about the Christian faith by preaching Christ crucified. We will also look at how we can use their own questions and arguments to lead them to question their own faith and bring them to Christ.


Responding to Key Misconceptions in a Secularized Global Youth Culture

Luke Greenwood

The current global culture is largely influenced by one predominant worldview: secular humanism. God is dead and we are at the centre. In this relativistic culture we are god, and consumerism is our religion. This is a generation that does not look to the church for answers, as it believes it to be a dead and empty tradition of the past. Either there is no God, or if He is there, He doesn’t really interfere with our lives.

In this session we will address for key false assumptions predominant in the global youth culture: 

1. We can only be sure of what we see

2. We are here by accident

3. Everything is going to be ok

4. To find God you have to be "religious"

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