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Pre-Forum Conferences

Detailed information about the 2020 Forum is still in progress.

Forum participants are encouraged to come early to the Forum and participate in the Pre-Forum Conferences, which will occur at the 2019 Forum on Friday, 22 May and Saturday, 23 May. Although the schedules vary, most Pre-Forum Conferences begin with dinner on Friday night starting at 18:00.  Please note that most Pre-Forum Conferences cost an additional fee of 40 euros for scholarship recipients and 70 euros for non-scholarship recipients staying in a double room (or 90 euros for a single room).  Please see the individual Conference pages for specific pricing details.


Special Travel Arrangements

Transport by bus from both the Krakow and Katowice airports to Wisla will be provided during the day on Friday, 22 May for a fee of 40 euros.  If you are flying into Krakow or Katowice, please plan your travel arrangements to accommodate for an approximately 2.5 hour travel time to Wisla. Ideally, this means arriving in Krakow or Katowice by 14:00 or earlier on Friday, 22 May. This will give participants time to travel to Wisla, register for the Forum, and check into the hotel.  

Registration for the 2020 Forum shuttle will be available soon.


How to Sign Up

If you have been accepted to attend the Forum and would like to attend a Pre-Forum Conference, please contact us at  The deadline for signing up for most Pre-Forum Conferences is 25 March. Click on the links below for more details.  


2020 Pre-Forum Conferences



Dave Patty

Spiritual Warfare

Peter S. Williams

Evidence for Old Testament History

Nola Leach and Charles Hoare


Emerging Leaders in the Public Square*

*Please note that participants must apply and be accepted in order to attend this conference.


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