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Organisational Development/Fundraising

Detailed information about the 2022 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2021 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2022 Forum's Networks. 


2021 European Organisational Development and Fundraising Network

This Network's annual curriculum will focus on helping leaders learn how to do development and fundraising through a variety of biblically-based principles. Our ability to minister is directly impacted by the viability of the organisation we represent. Highly successful ministries have taken time to build infrastructure to support the fulfillment of mission. Our vision for impact will be proportional to how effective we are in building on a firm foundation sufficient to withstand the storms of change. Sessions in this Network are designed to provide practical steps, tools, and resources to enable your organisation to grow and flourish. Each session will be a "working session" with workbooks on how to develop each idea.

The Network will be taught by Jerry Twombly, Founder, and The NonProfit Authority, LLC

Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.



Jerry Twombly is the founder of and The NonProfit Authority, LLC.  Both are international organisations committed to addressing the development needs of nonprofit organisations. Jerry is a graduate of Miami Christian University and Grace Theological Seminary. He has written several books that include: Funding Your Vision: New Hope for NonprofitsTransforming Culture: The Church at Work in the WorldYou Snooze, You Lose: Thriving in These Turbulent Times, and The Organizational Planning Primer. He has served over 1,000 different nonprofits throughout the world over the course of the last 40 years in helping them raise in excess of $1 billion. Recognizing the changes taking place in the world of 21st century philanthropy, Jerry has been a leader in tracking new trends and developing new programs to help nonprofits thrive in changing times. Jerry and his wife Sue live in Indiana. They have two sons and three grandsons.



Gregory Long is an author, speaker, consultant, and elder in his church. 35+ years of ministry leadership & fundraising experience steeps every conversation and presentation. Including mistakes!  He has taught non-profit leadership and management at the undergraduate and graduate level.  He has presented at two previous ELF conferences and 3 mid-winter ELF conferences, and serves as a faculty presenter for the ELF Organisational Development and Fundraising Network. He currently serves as CEO and senior advisor to The NonProfit Authority, specializing in strategic planning, development, and full service consulting for ministries around the world. Greg’s leadership book, based on the story of Nehemiah, God’s Powerful Vision for Your Life; The BIG Idea is available at Amazon.  He has been married to Elaine for 37 years, and together they walk with Jesus, hike, camp, and canoe.


Keith Ogorek, president of the Author Learning Center, brings a unique perspective to communications, having worked simultaneously in ministry and the marketplace for virtually his whole career. Using his experience as a marketing and communications professional for banks, as an ad agency creative director, and at the world’s leading self-publishing company, he has worked with a number of ministries to vastly improve their communication and development efforts by crafting a message that is compelling, differentiating, and true. In addition, he has cultivated unique opportunities for independent authors to have their work pitched to Hollywood. Along with pursuing excellence in the marketplace, Keith is passionate about discipleship and has led multiple men’s groups through a two-year discipleship process at his local church. His book, A Clear View, which addresses how a person’s worldview is formed, is now used in select high schools and at a Biblical Institute in Italy. When his schedule allows, Keith speaks at conferences on the topic of marketing communications for ministries, as well as at men’s retreats and family camps.


David Lloyd is Director of Development for The Zacharias Trust which encompasses the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. During his 12 years with the organisation, he has worked with major donors in many parts of the globe as well as with trusts and foundations. David has worked in Development for more than 17 years, including time with Magdalen College School, Oxford, and in the Middle East with American Mission Hospital. He is a trained journalist and an Advanced Toastmaster, believing firmly in the importance of clear written and verbal communication. He is married with four adult children, living near Oxford, UK.



Day 1 

Mission in Ministry 
Greg Long

Every organisation needs to have a clear understanding of its reason for existence. This clarity of purpose comes when an organisation understands its mission. Mission drives every aspect of what is done within an organisation; nothing should be considered part of the organisation that doesn’t make critical contribution to the fulfillment of the organisation’s mission.

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Marketing Communications Today
Keith Ogorek

Communicating what you do as a ministry is critical, yet many organizations struggle to create effective communication.  In this seminar, Keith Ogorek will share five simple principles you can apply to make your communications more impactful as you work to help others know what God has called you to do and how they can participate. So whether you need to keep your constituency better informed, thinking about a capital campaign, and raising support for individuals or communicating a new strategic opportunity, this seminar will give you principles you can apply the moment you go home.

Day 2

Funding Your Vision – Part 1
Greg Long

Many people think that fundraising is a matter of sales or manipulation. In contrast, Jerry Twombly teaches that a biblical approach to fundraising is the result of building a healthy and biblical, God-honouring organisation. What are foundations of a healthy organisation in this perspective?

Development and Engaging Your Board
David Lloyd

Did you know that your Board can be one of the most significant drivers in the growth of your organisation? How would that be for you? This talk takes a look at ways you can work alongside your Board members, and through their expertise and experience, see your organisation strengthen and expand its reach. This talk will also look at the importance of identifying new skills needed on your Board as you recruit new Board members, where appropriate.

Day 3  

Funding Your Vision – Part 2
Greg Long

Many people think that fundraising is a matter of sales or manipulation. In contrast, Jerry Twombly teaches that a biblical approach to fundraising is the result of building a healthy and biblical, God-honouring organisation. What are foundations of a healthy organisation in this perspective?

Strategic Planning for Ministries
Jerry Twombly

The organisational leader works to set the agenda of the organisation, inspire support for the agenda, and effectively direct others in achieving the vision. This session will discuss the following: three philosophical approaches to planning, reasons why plans typically fail, key areas planning needs to occur, and various planning models.

Day 4

Proper Care and Feeding of Volunteers
Jerry Twombly

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting the same results. As a nonprofit organisation or ministry, we will never have the financial resources to employ all the help that we need. Every ministry relies on the significant and substantial investment volunteers give to our mission. In this session, Jerry will dive into practical, effective ways to identify, recruit, and maintain long-term relationships with your volunteers.

Development Plan
Greg Long

The Development Plan is the final component that organisations must address in planning for success. While the effectiveness of a ministry will be determined by how well they achieve their stated mission, motivation will be fueled by a compelling vision, and structure will emerge out of the strategic plan - it will be the development plan that will provide the resources (finances, people, and time) to accomplish what God has placed in our hearts to do!

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